Green Energy


Have you ever thought about harnessing energy from exercise? That is all we have been thinking about the past 4 years.  If you are looking for the greenest outdoor gym in the world, look no further, TGO have launched 4 amazing outdoor gym pieces which offer a cardiac workout and generate electricity.

You can upgrade the Cross Trainer, Recumbent Bike, Spinning Bike and Hand Bike to green energy gym equipment that generates on average 50 -100 watts each depending on the fitness of the user.  We have released our equipment that charges mobile phones called Cardio Charge. We also have some excited pilots underway that use the energy to power lights through our Glow systems and power back to the grid our Flow system.


Cardio Charge Features

You cannot find this innovation anywhere else in the world! TGO worked our green socks off for 4 years to invent our Cardio Charge equipment – 4 amazing outdoor gym pieces which offer a cardio workout and generate electricity. Boost your fitness while you charge your phone, iPad or other device. You can upgrade the fitness Cross Trainer, Recumbent Bike, Spinning Bike and Hand Bike in standard TGO Packages to Cardio Charge equipment – to make your perfect outdoor gym package

TGO Cardio Charge products charge up smart phones, iPads and other devices via USB port (don’t forget your USB lead!)

Unique Console on every TGO Cardio Charge piece. Includes Watt counter that lights up in use for motivational boost and wow factor

Device holder – to place your device where you can see it charge

QR code to access training videos

Instructional signage

100% designed and made in Britain

Eco-friendly – generates useable electricity while users get fit! Check out TGO’s Greener standards for more

TGO Green Energy equipment features the best protection from weather, UV damage, scratches, high and low temperatures and intrusion of solid objects (IP protection). Coastal upgrade available to protect from salt spray.

BSI PAS 888 compliant – this means TGO Cardio Charge equipment is safe for all ages, users and non-users near to equipment.  Free from crush points, entrapments, sharp edges and all industry safety requirements. Complies with EN1176 and EN957. Also fully complies with DIN 7900 (NB: DIN7900 only applies to gym users aged 14 and over, whereas PAS 888 covers everyone). See TGO’s Safer standards for more about PAS 888.

Meets Inclusive Fitness Initiative guidelines – check out our star inclusivity piece the TGO Energy Hand Bike.

You can upgrade the fitness Cross Trainer, Recumbent Bike, Spinning Bike and Hand Bike in standard TGO Packages to Cardio Charge equipment – to make your perfect outdoor gym package.

Pilot sites

Sir George Monoux College – TGO Flow pilot

Eco Sixth Form College, Sir George Monoux, are TGO’s pilot partner for a world’s first TGO Green Energy Gym. The gym features TGO Cardio Charge equipment which harnesses students’ energy to charge their electronic devices. Featuring the TGO Flow option, the surplus energy is sent into the college building. MP Stella Creasy, MTV presenter Shanie Ryan, George Monoux students and the Principal celebrated the launch with the TGO team. Watch the launch video at the top of this page.


The Green Heart in Hull – TGO Glow pilot

Hull City Council are TGO’s pilot partner for the TGO Green Energy Glow option. Our equipment generates electricity while users work out. The energy is displayed and stored by the Energy Display Unit (EDU), which shows you how much energy you generate as you work out. The energy generated by users lights up the Green Heart in the evening, extending the hours of use and saving on electricity costs. The Green Heart is also great for your health – with Chief Medical Officer guidelines, scales, height measure and a BMI index measure. Helping the whole community to live a healthy life.

Energy events

TGO launches Cardio Charge in Trafalgar Square

TGO teamed up with Vauxhall in London’s Trafalgar Square at the World Triathlon Event ITU to launch our TGO Cardio Charge range – a home grown eco-innovation, available to buy now. For 3 days, TGO Cardio Charge equipment was installed in front of the iconic National Gallery. Triathletes, tourists and London residents tried out the Cardio Charge equipment, with Vauxhall choosing to use the energy generated to charge up their Ampera electric car in Trafalagar Square!


Kevin McCloud's Green Heroes


TGO are proud to be named as one of Kevin McCloud’s Green Heroes as part of the Grand Designs Live exhibition 2013. Each year, Kevin picks out the most sustainable, innovative and forward-thinking products and ideas on the market. TGO were selected as one of the best eco-innovators for our Green Energy gym range. Following a successful pilot of our Green Heart outdoor gym in Hull, where human kinetic energy is recycled into energy for lighting the installation, TGO have now launched four Cardio Charge outdoor gym products. Cardio Charge pieces allow users to charge their mobile phones and other devices while they get fit in the great outdoors.

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