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Chest PressChest PressChest PressChest Press


Chest Press


Muscles used: Backs/Stomach


This is an upper body station that gives users a fantastic workout. Based on lifting approximately 30% of your body weight, this machine works the chest and arms, giving a great upper body workout for all abilities.

A group of designers, engineers, fitness professionals and safety experts teamed up to design the new TGO range and this piece is a great example of how this has been a successful combination.

How to use correctly

Chest Press

Try the 2 grip variations to work different muscles in the chest

  1. Make sure you sit comfortably on the seat provided, with your feet just over shoulder width apart and firmly placed on the ground.
  2. Taking hold of any 1 of the 2 hand positions available, push the handles out until your arms are fully extended, making sure you don’t lock your arms out.
  3. Return the handles back to the start position in a controlled manner.


Chest Press

  1. Will improve the muscle tone of chest and arms over a period of time.

Trainer's Tip

  1. As you’ll be lifting 30% of your body weight, make sure your repetitions are controlled.
  2. Look to be executing 12 – 15 repetitions per set to gain maximum benefit!

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