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Leg PressLeg PressLeg PressLeg Press


Leg Press


Muscles used: Legs and glutes


With the leg press TGO took inspiration from the indoor gym industry and designed a smooth and easy to use leg press that glides up and down an inclined track. The large footplate allows for a variety of foot positions to accommodate a wide variety of exercise variations and users. The leg press will work leg and gluteal muscles under a controlled plane, with feet fixed onto the designated footplate. Change foot position to work the calf muscles too. It is the perfect exercise for the legs.

How to use correctly

Concentrate at ALL times at keeping your feet at shoulder width apart. The deeper you go, the more muscles you’ll activate!!

  1. Make sure you are seated comfortably with your feet just over shoulder width apart on the foot plate provided, (legs at 90°)
  2. Weight through your heel blocks, extend your legs so they are almost straight.
  3. Return to the start position under control. Repeat.


This new leg press improves muscle tone of  your legs and depending how far down you get, will give your glutes (bum) a great work out too.

Traniers Tip

  1. If you are finding the exercise a bit too easy and would like to ‘mix it up’, try isolating a single leg for each repetition.

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