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Plyometric Boxes (Triple Step Up)Plyometric Boxes (Triple Step Up)Plyometric Boxes (Triple Step Up)


Plyometric Boxes (Triple Step Up)


Muscles used: Works all the muscles in the Legs


Step to it with our range of step up boxes from plyomtric to triple step ups. Practice your aerobic step ups and improve your heart, lungs and all round fitness.

How to use correctly

Make sure your weight goes from your heels to your toes and avoid your knee creeping in front of your feet.

  1. Where possible choose a suitable height before you exercise.
  2. Stand behind the height you have chosen and step up so both feet are now on top of the box. 
  3. Now step backwards to return to the start position. Repeat.


  1. A great way to get those legs toned.
  2. If done with speed and over a period of time you will feel that this could either be a strength or endurance exercise.

Trainer's Tip

  1. Squat Jumps, Straddle Jumps, Scissor Kicks?  Plenty of options … Start small and aim high!  You could even use a little weight to add resistance?

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