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Shoulder PressShoulder PressShoulder PressShoulder Press


Shoulder Press


Muscles used: Backs/Shoulders


Based on lifting approximately 30% of the users body weight, this machine works the shoulders and arms, giving a great upper body workout for all abilities.

How to use correctly

Use this piece of equipment for a great all round upper body workout

  1. Make sure you are seated comfortably on the seat provided with feet just over shoulder width apart.
  2. Using the hand positions available, extend your arms above your head. Make sure you keep your back fixed against the back plate.
  3. Then lower, making sure you are always under control. Then Repeat.


This machine is a clever piece of equipment to work the whole upper body.

Trainer's Tip

  1. From start to finish concentrate on maintaining a good posture. Keep you back flat against the back rest and look straight ahead.
  2. Exhale when exerting force and inhale while returning the bar back to its starting position.
  3. An excellent exercise to tone the arms, shoulders and back which should be included in most sessions!

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