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Ski MachineSki MachineSki MachineSki Machine


Ski Machine


Muscles used: Cardiovascular exercise that works the whole body


This low impact piece is a real hit with those new to exercise as well as elite athletes. As a cardiovascular piece the Ski Machine works the upper and lower body simultaneously. It is also a great warm up and cool down exercise. It is simple to use and builds confidence of people new to exercise as well as those who are regulars at the TGO gym.

The TGO ski machine has been engineered to last. With built in heavy duty restrictors and self-lubricating bearings this addition to the outdoor gym will just keep on going.

How to use correctly

Keep yourself centered over the machine at all times and avoid ‘bouncing’!

  1. Use the static handle to help you get onto the machine, placing your feet on the foot plates provided.
  2. Move the handles and foot plates in a forward and backward movement in a smooth and steady rhythm.


  1. Improves muscle stamina and endurance.
  2. Improves heart and lung function over a period of time.

Trainer's Tip

  1. To make this exercise a little harder, try keeping the legs slightly bent which will isolate the quad muscles. (Every little helps!)
  2. Remember, if you’re not getting the results YOU want, YOU’RE not working hard enough.

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