Why choose TGO?

By choosing TGO, you are choosing the greenest, safest and strongest outdoor gym equipment on the market.

How are we greener?

For every piece of TGO outdoor gym equipment you buy, we plant a tree and our Green Energy Gym ranges recycle human energy to charge phones, power lights and put electricity back into buildings!

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How are we safer?

TGO go the extra mile when it comes to health and safety and exceed all standards in all countries. That is why TGO can say that they have the safest outdoor gym equipment!

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How are we stronger?

TGO continue to invest in our firm principle of 100% made in Britain, to offer our customers longer-lasting, better value outdoor gyms.

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We’re not just green in colour. We’re green in our designs.

We believe we have the greenest outdoor gym equipment in the world. TGO’s goal is to get people more physically active – to benefit their health, wellbeing and quality of life. We also want to help Mother Nature a little where we can through the design of our equipment and the sponsorship of green initiatives.

We love our planet. And we love the people on our planet. We want the best possible health for both.

And now TGO are greener than ever.

A world first – TGO Green Energy Gyms

One fine day at an outdoor gym in South London, the TGO Creative team had a lightbulb moment. Why waste the energy people generate when they work out? Why not invent a way to harness all that people power?

So that’s what TGO set about doing. We built a team of the brightest sparks, we got out the paper and pens, we drank gallons of green tea (and did a few years’ hard work) – and hey presto, TGO Green Energy Gyms were born.

TGO Green Energy Gyms convert human kinetic energy into useable electricity. We have invented three very clever systems to collect this energy and re-use it:

Cardio Charge: You work out on the TGO Green Energy equipment AND you charge your phone, iPad or other device while you get fit. Phone charging is incredibly effective in getting users to exercise for longer, especially young people. They have a target! The longer you exercise, the more you charge, the fitter you get. Win win. Read about the Cardio Charge outdoor gym at Sir George Monoux College to find out more.

Glow: The energy generated can also be used to light the outdoor gym area, so that the equipment can be used after dark. The energy collected is channeled to floor lights and floodlights via a central Energy Display Unit. The display on the EDU even allows a little competition as LED’s show the amount of electricity generated by individual users. Watch our video at the TGO Green Heart in Hull to find out how this works.

Flow: The Flow option allows you to capture and store the electricity generated over a period, which can then be used to power a nearby building, or put back into the grid. And you get to see how much energy you are generating while you work out – for an extra motivational boost. Watch the video of Sir George Monoux College making the most of this amazing feature at their Green Energy Gym.

TGO have Energy Cross Trainers, Energy Hand Bikes, Energy Spinning Bikes and Energy Recumbent Bikes. These cardio pieces are particularly fab for your heart, lungs and overall fitness – and they’re healthy for the planet too.

TGO’s Green Heart and TGO’s Energy Range was handpicked as a finalist for Kevin McCloud’s Green Heroes as one of the best eco-innovations on the market.

The average person generates 50-100 watts multiplied by the time they workout on the TGO Energy Gym pieces. Depending on usage, TGO Green Energy Gyms can generate 1KWH of energy per gym per day. This translates to running a 45w floodlight for 22 hours.

Please call TGO on 01795 373301 to find out more about this exciting innovation.

1 piece of TGO outdoor gym equipment = 1 tree

We love our green nation. And we want to keep our nation green.

The NHS Forest, coordinated by the Centre for Sustainable Health, plants forest sites right across the UK – they have almost 100 forest projects up and running.

TGO is proud to contribute trees to these sites: one tree is planted for every piece of TGO outdoor gym equipment installed. In this project, TGO contributes to the goals of the NHS Forest to improve the health of staff, patients and communities through increasing access to green space.

Simply the best materials

Long live TGO outdoor gyms.

TGO manufactures all our outdoor gym equipment with high quality materials to improve the life of product. Kite-marked steel, See our Stronger section for more on the quality of materials we use.

We make it local

For European customers, the carbon footprint is reduced when comparing TGO to providers who import Chinese equipment. All our equipment is designed, tested and manufactured in Britain – you are always close to the source when you purchase TGO equipment.

Built-in recyclability  

85% of the material used to produce TGO’s equipment is recycled and recyclable, We also install TGO outdoor gym equipment into ground sockets so that you have the option to recycle your ground works in years to come.

TGO are also proud to say that we can now even recycle the considerable efforts of our outdoor gym users into electricity with our world first TGO Green Energy Gyms!

TGO HQ is a BRE Excellent rated office 

We’re an eco-office – come and see us any time, we’ll show you around and make you a cup of green tea if you can pedal for it!


Call TGO on 01795 373301 to find out more about our Greener standards.


We believe we offer the safest outdoor gym equipment in the world.

Before TGO, there were no outdoor gym standards in Europe. So TGO adopted the play standards (EN1176), the indoor gym equipment standard (EN 957) and key elements of the Inclusive Fitness Initiative from the beginning – which meant all our equipment was always free from safety hazards and as inclusive as possible for different types of gym user. Unfortunately, some importers of Chinese equipment didn’t follow suit with their range; they got away with crush points, sharp edges and other hazards. So TGO had to do something to prevent this from happening.


TGO factory testing is second to none. We test our outdoor gym equipment to three times that of indoor gym equipment. We have the test results and photos to prove it and we are very happy to share these with you. For example, we static load test up to 450kg, we dynamic load test up to 300kg, we do drop testing, pull over testing and shatter testing.

When purchasing outdoor gym equipment, always ask what factory tests have been done on the gym equipment and ask for evidence of testing.

As TGO equipment is made in Britain, we can offer our customers confidence in the diligence of our factory practices. TGO can offer our European customers better access to visit our manufacturing premises than providers who import Chinese equipment. TGO offers complete transparency in this area, so you can be assured on any aspect of our manufacturing or testing protocols.

All TGO equipment is TUV tested and certified.

TGO outdoor gyms are safe spaces for everyone

TGO have loads of in-house and independent research on outdoor gym usage. Research into TGO gyms shows that people of all ages and abilities are regulars at our outdoor gyms.

  • Little people love our outdoor gyms – young kids find our dynamic Cardio pieces fascinating and completely irresistible.
  • Primary and secondary school kids love our outdoor gyms – we have sites in schools and near schools across Britain, including Green Energy Gyms where gym users can charge mobile phones and other devices.
  • Older people and exercise beginners love TGO gyms – they combine gentler Cardio and Tone exercises to get the muscles moving.
  • The superfit love our outdoor gyms – especially the challenging Strength pieces.
  • People recovering from operations and illness love TGO outdoor gyms – they like to recover muscle strength and stamina in the great outdoors.
  • Wheelchair users and people with other disabilities love them – especially our star inclusivity pieces such as the TGO Hand Bike.
  • Our gyms are also community spaces where people meet and socialise (parents with kids, groups of young people) – so even those not using our equipment have to be safe, which they are with PAS 888.

TGO have always led the field on outdoor gym safety

TGO were the first outdoor gym company to adopt the play standards EN1176, the nearest standard available at the time. We didn’t stop there and we included the indoor gym standard EN957.

TGO has always fully and independently applied both EN1176 and EN957 beyond the limitations of their scopes (meaning TGO felt it should be fully tested as play equipment used by toddlers).

Recognised as the leader in our field, TGO was approached by the British Standards Institute to create a British product specification. Which exceeded the German standard, DIN7900 at the time (which only covered gyms users, aged 14+).

PAS 888 specified in detail the safety requirements for the permanent installation of outdoor fitness and exercise equipment – including design and manufacture of safe equipment, testing of equipment, longevity of equipment, guidance on safe positioning and installation.

By specifying PAS 888, you ensured your outdoor gym equipment is:

  • Designed for ALL ages
  • FREE from entrapments
  • FREE from crush-points
  • FREE from sharp edges
  • FREE from head and neck entrapments
  • FREE from exposed stops that act like guillotines
  • FREE from flailing arms and cranks
  • FREE from unsafe fall heights
  • FREE from trip and slip hazards
  • Designed for users and non-users

Today, all TGO equipment complies to the European safety standard BS EN16630:2015 which was developed from the UK specification PAS 888.


TGO’s outdoor gym equipment is also the most inclusive. TGO incorporated indoor training guidelines on inclusivity as set out by the Inclusive Fitness Initiative. We have always worked with fitness professionals to ensure the range offers safe and effective exercises to its users of all ages and abilities.

Our equipment comes with easy to read signage, transfer handles, wide seats with lowered access points and bold colour contrasts. Resistance equipment is designed so it is gauged to the user’s bodyweight. TGO also have star inclusivity pieces in our range – including our TGO Hand Bike and Energy Hand Bike.


Call TGO on 01795 373301 to find out more about our Safer standards.


Made in Britain means stronger equipment and a stronger you.

TGO means quality.

Our outdoor gym equipment is 100% designed, tested, manufactured and quality-controlled in the UK. We use only the highest quality materials. We use the best designers, engineers and manufacturing practices. We seek out the best fitness and safety expertise – and build this knowledge into our designs. TGO has factory tested all of its outdoor gym range to replicate typical behaviours in the field. We field test new products extensively. We offer robust protection from climatic factors. Our equipment is designed to be low maintenance. We offer our customers a 25 year warranty on the life of TGO outdoor gym equipment, renowned customer care from a dedicated TGO team member, super fast response times and excellent customer aftercare.

All of this means that TGO can offer you the strongest outdoor gym equipment and customer service.

Made in Britain value

When TGO started out in 2007, we did manufacture our outdoor equipment in China – however, we used our own designs to ensure all equipment was fully compliant with play standards EN1176. Others followed us into the marketplace, but we discovered that many were selling unmodified Chinese equipment in the UK, which failed critical safety requirements.

TGO tried to make a lower priced product work in China by having UK designers, engineers and safety experts on site in our Chinese factory, to ensure the integrity of every piece of outdoor gym equipment. TGO have always had robust manufacturing and QC processes in place, but our micro-management required with our Chinese manufacturers simply wasn’t worth it.

Our experience is this: it’s a false economy to manufacture outdoor gym equipment in China. Sourcing of steel is often unregulated; Chinese labourers are often poorly paid and work long hours; critical structural elements such as welds are sometimes carried out by unskilled workers; common practices seen in the UK like using jigs aren’t always in place; quality control can be sub-standard or entirely overlooked. The result can be weak and unsafe equipment, prone to breakages and risk of accidents.

This is why TGO brought all of our manufacturing to Britain. Since 2009, TGO outdoor gym equipment has been made in Britain. In our experience, British-made outdoor gym equipment is greener, safer and stronger than Chinese equipment.

With the made in Britain stamp, TGO customers know what they are getting. Outdoor gym equipment that lasts longer than the rest.

Stronger TGO materials and manufacturing

We use Kite-marked steel. No structural element is made from any less than 3mm thick grade S275 Kite-marked mild steel or stainless steel Kite-marked grade 304 DP. This goes up to as much as 38.1mm thick in critical areas to ensure the equipment is sufficiently robust enough to withstand heavy use and can even cope with unwanted abuse.

All TGO’s welds are certified to BS EN ISO 15614 Part 1: 2004 and A1:2008. All welds are structurally tested to ensure that products can withstand a high level of abuse and still operate safety, properly and smoothly. TGO have load-tested products to 3 times the standard indoor safety margins to make absolutely sure the product is fit for purpose.

All accessible fixings on TGO outdoor gym equipment are anti-tamper with no exposed parts reducing the risk of vandalism.

TGO has specified materials and components within its range with as wide a protection as possible to cater for its customers in different climates. We offer the best protection from weather, UV damage, salt spray, scratches, high and low temperatures and intrusion of solid objects (IP protection).

TGO uses the highest quality Akzo Nobel powder coating to ensure a long life of our products.

We also rigorously test our outdoor gym equipment. (Link to Safer testing section).

For more about our materials and manufacturing, call TGO on 01795 373301

Stronger TGO warranty

25 YEAR WARRANTY on the structural integrity of steel posts, all welds, bars, bolts and steel structural equipment.

5 YEAR PAINT WARRANTY* for paintwork and corrosion caused by any failure of paintwork and warranty for non-material fade from exposure to UV light.

2 YEAR WARRANTY on moving bearings, bearing cases and rubber parts.

2 YEAR WARRANTY on plastic or composite parts, seats and fittings and clamps.

Stronger TGO people

TGO designers, engineers, fitness professionals and safety experts worked together to design the British-made TGO equipment.

Being designed and made in Britain, TGO have complete control over every aspect of the quality of our products. Talented, highly skilled engineers oversee the creation of TGO products. TGO are able to easily make amendments to the design based on user’s feedback, so that the best possible product is available to the public.

Stronger TGO quality

Our UK factory conducts itself in accordance with ISO9001.

We quality control check every piece of equipment before it leaves our UK factory and each unit is checked over and signed off by a skilled engineer.

Many other outdoor gym providers manufacture in the Far East where there isn’t the same approach to quality control as in the UK.

Never be afraid to ask for stringent, independent proof of the quality and integrity of your outdoor exercise equipment – because your outdoor gym users, from small children through to grandparents, need to be assured of this.

Always ask these questions when purchasing outdoor gym equipment:

  • Where is the location of the factory that manufactures the gym equipment? (NB outdoor gym providers often manufacture in the Far East and assemble in the UK – sometimes they claim that equipment is made in Britain, when it is only assembled in Britain)
  • What skills and competencies do the engineers have?
  • Are there any unskilled workers producing your outdoor gym equipment?
  • Are staff paid properly, with adequate remuneration, rest, benefits and breaks?
  • Does the manufacturer use quality assured processes?
  • Is every piece of equipment quality controlled?
  • Can they produce independent certification?

Call TGO on 01795 373301 to find out more about our Stronger standards.

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