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TGO891 Recumbent BikeRecumbent BikeRecumbent BikeRecumbent Bike

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Recumbent Bike


Designed to give the user a cardiovascular workout and improve leg strength and muscle tone. The Recumbent Bike is ideal as a rehabilitation tool, keeping the back in a fixed position whilst working the lower body. The Recumbent Bike comes with our bespoke made all aluminium pedals. These look and work brilliantly, but most importantly, they will never rust.

Want to charge your phone whilst exercising? The TGO Recumbent Bike is also available in Cardio Charge - generate electricity whilst exercising and charge your mobile phone or tablet as the same time. People Power!


1. 100% Made in Britain
2. Certified to EN16630 (legacy standards, BSI PAS888 - safety compliant for ALL ages, users and non-users) & DIN79000 (safety compliant for users, aged 14+). All TGO outdoor gym equipment is free from exposed end stops, entrapments, sharp edges and crush points.
3. Great instructional signage - workout QR code videos, start and finish diagrams
4. Weatherproof
5. Resistance - based equipment - no electricity required
6. Low maintenance
7. Designs include key elements of IFI (Inclusive Fitness Initiative) guidelines
8. TGO plant a tree in the NHS Forest for every piece of equipment sold
9. Anti vandal fixings
10. Available in all major RAL colours
11. Stop mechanisms concealed
12. Paint UV stabilised
13. Welds certified to EN15015614
14. Powder coated finish
15. Separate ground anchor for future upgrades

Guarantees: 25 years steel work; 2 years bearings; 5 years paint

Why choose TGO? - see our Greener, Safer, Stronger standards


Recumbent Bike:
(Approx) Length: 1320mm
(Approx) Width: 650mm
(Approx) Height: 1010mm
(Approx) Weight: 90kg


Improves muscle stamina and endurance. Improves heart and lung function over a period of time. Tones the legs and bum.

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