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Combination Overhead Press & Lateral PulldownCombination Overhead Press & Lateral Pulldown

Combination Overhead Press & Lateral Pulldown


TGO’s all new variable resistance range enable users to adjust the amount of resistance on this cutting edge kit. *Only available in the UK.

Two excerises combined into one, the upward overhead press motion develops strength in the upper body and core, targeting the large shoulder and chest muscles. The downward lateral pull-down motion targets the large upper back muscles. The pull-down movement can be performed to the front of the chest, or above the shoulders, to isolate the supporting muscle groups and the hand position can be varied enabling the user to target different muscles within the main group. The dual resistance movement creates a fantastic compound exercise that enables the exercise enthusiast or beginner to ‘super set’.


A key difference with
TGO's resistance range is that it is built to last. The equipment is designed by specialist engineers who have over 30 years experience manufacturing sports equipment. They use only the highest quality materials to ensure the equipment meets durability expectations, requires lower maintenance, is safe for all users, is simple to use and is visually appealing. Using the latest fit-for-purpose materials, the equipment has undergone strenuous testing beyond that which would normally occur to make sure the machines last and you do not spend money on maintenance.
Build features include:
• Hot-dip galvanizing for optimum corrosion protection
• Zinc metal arc-spray with ChemBar 900 sealer, an aluminium pigmented sealer for added corrosion protection
• Injection moulded plastic products made from Polyethylene. Each part is UV Stabilised to the highest available rating (UV 8). Our plastics supplier holds accreditations including ISO 14001, ISO 9001:2008 and OEM Tier 1 automotive industry supplier
• 3M Scotch Wrap Film Series 1080, trusted by leading car manufacturers as the new standard in wrap films

All the equipment has been designed and independently assessed for bio-mechanic fit and prevention of injury risk:
• Non slip foot placements
• Prevention of free swinging appendages
• No pinch points
• Ergonomically approved ranges of movement
• Total enclosure of mechanical parts
All product complies and exceeds safety certifications and standards: NZS5828:2004 New Zealand standard.

TGO's resistance range enables the vitality of exercising in an open air environment but also with the targeted and tailored workout which is normally gained in the indoor gym. Here lies one of our major points of difference. TGO's resistance range utilises a patented internal mechanism that allows users of all abilities to easily and safely adjust to the desired level of resistance, regardless of strength and body type. Using high end materials the mechanism performs its function with no power requirement. Due to the adjustable resistance the user self-defines their workout effort regardless of their age, body type and physical condition. The range of resistance fulfils the needs of individuals with all abilities using the same equipment - just like in the gym.

Guarantees: This product comes with a ten year warranty on non-moving parts and three years on moving parts.


Equipment dimensions: 900 mm L x 1,550 mm H x 1,000 mm W
Extended dimensions: * 900 mm L x 1,650 mm H x 1,000 mm W
Total weight: 89 kg
User adjustable resistance: Low = 15 kg, High = 25 kg


Muscles used:
• Deltoids
• Trapezius
• Triceps
• Latissimus dorsi
• Biceps
• Pectorals


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