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Inspired by the latest and best indoor gyms, this new functional training rig is designed for individuals and group exercise classes. This stand alone structure caters to a range of abilities and offers both toning and strength exercises. It can be used by 11+ users at any one time!

1. Step up / Plyometric station - Develop leg strength and cardio vascular improvement at this station.
2 / 4. Multi-functional stretch and flexibility station - This multi-functional station can also be used for incline press ups, dips, planks and leg raises as those all-important stretches.
3. Leg raise station - Develops abs and core strength.
5. Multi-functional ladder station - A bit like wall bars in an 'old school' gym, this multi-functional station enables the user to perform sits ups, crunches, hangs, leg raises and raised feet push ups.
6. Narrow and wide (unobstructed) pull up station - Great for wide and narrow grip pull ups as well pull throughs.
7. Pull up and chine up bars.
8. Monkey bar station - The ingenious arc design gives an even greater challenge for the user and helps to build upper body strength.
9. Dips station - The angle of this station enables the user to perform wide and narrow dips, working a variety of upper body muscles.

The Rig can be used alongside additional equipment and offer even more exercises, such as: punch bags, rope pull, battle ropes, training straps. Get creative and enhance your training experience!

Why choose TGO? - see our Greener, Safer, Stronger standards


Length: 5.1m
Width: 4.2m
Height: 2.8m

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