• Over the next five years TGO plans to install another 1000 gyms and go smart

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  • TGO’s mission is to create happy, healthy and environmentally friendly communities. 
  • TGO has installed over 1000 gyms since 2007, is the pioneer of outdoor fitness and is well known for its industry leading innovations such as gyms that generate electricity through human power.
  • TGO’s range caters for the whole community. Our design principles around safety,  inclusivity, progression and inspiration make TGO gyms the most inclusive outdoor gyms across the life course, supporting the community to achieve their recommended 150 minutes of activity in a way that accommodates differing needs and abilities. TGO also provides for people who are already active and designs spaces that can be used for classes too. 
  • As well as people, TGO loves the planet. For every piece installed in the UK TGO plants a tree with the NHS Forest scheme. TGO’s energy range generates electricity and can charge phones, light spaces and even tie back into the grid with human power. TGO also aim to increase the range of our products and installations that use recycled materials
  • Made in Britain, TGO gyms reduce the carbon footprint from shipping and support ethical working conditions, but this also means they are guaranteed high quality, made to last and sustain high usage.
  • TGO is a provider of outcomes for people and places around regeneration, physical inactivity, loneliness and isolation and social and economic sustainability.
  • TGO Packages 

    100% made in the UK and sold worldwide, this is our TGO package designed for all spaces and budgets. Suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities.


    Harness people power with our unique energy fitness range that can turn workout into Watts.


    We are the exclusive UK distributors of Kenguru Pro Street workout equipment, the only calisthenic equipment endorsed by the World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation.


    100% made in the UK, the TGO rig is perfect for small group callisthenic work outs (individually or in a class), enabling at least 11 people at a time to workout at once.


    We believe that little people should be active too and have therefore developed our junior range for those budding fitness fanatics.


    Get inspired with all our inspirational packages, showcasing the very best of TGO.


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The TGO gym ensures that Westminster City Council residents have the opportunity to fulfil the recommended guidelines for physical activity and maintain mental health.

Cllr Tombolis

I LOVE the outdoor gym in Haverhill! I am incorporating it into my fitness program for the winter and beyond.

Jane Hurst

I am 17 years old and I have been using this gym for 2 days now and can already feel the benefits im so glad you guys made this near to where I live x


What a great idea, both my kids and I, had a fab time on the East Park, Hull Gym. Shame there isn’t one in every park – a great way to encourage fitness.


I am determined to loose one stone in weight without cost. Your equipment in Heywood is a main part in my plan. So thank you.

Shereen Pitt

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