Promote and Launch your tgo gym

Once you’ve ordered your TGO Gym and you’re heading towards installation, it’s the best time to build awareness and excitement.


TGO gyms are for all ages and abilities – so why not get off to a flying start by inviting people to join in?


Here’s our fast track to your TGO Gym lift off – inclusive pre-launch communications and a welcoming launch.

Promote your TGO Gym to your community

We know you’ll have amazing ideas to promote your TGO Gym locally.


To help you spread the word quickly, we’ve created the TGO Activate App and TGO Gym promo kit. These resources are free to download and distribute – even better, they’re inclusive for all sections of your community.

On the TGO Activate App, local people can:

  • Search for their nearest TGO gym - including location map and address

  • Discover all their TGO gym equipment

  • Plan, log and share their workouts - with the option to scan TGO smart signs for training tips and recording activity

  • Keep informed about community events and training sessions


Your TGO promo kit includes:

  • TGO Activate A4  posters - a range of designs with inclusive imagery

  • Social media graphics and copylines


Please print out and distribute posters locally and share the social media posts online. 

They will help your community discover their TGO Gym.


We’ve created designs to appeal to schools, colleges, universities, GP surgeries, hospitals, supermarkets, community centres, leisure operators and more. Anywhere with a public noticeboard, smart screen or a social media page is a target!

  • Black Instagram Icon
  • Black Facebook Icon
  • Black Twitter Icon
  • Black YouTube Icon
  • Pinterest - Black Circle

Launch your TGO Gym

From 1500 outdoor gym projects, we know that a great TGO Gym launch inspires local involvement and ownership. You don’t need to go overboard or spend a lot of money – the key to an effective launch is planning ahead to invite local stakeholders and attract positive media coverage.


Download your free TGO Gym launch guide for our launch inspiration, time-saving templates and a handy project plan.