international women's day

Georgie Delaney | 08.03.2019

I am at TGO offices today on International Women’s Day. I am one of the Founders of the business. I am the Joint Managing Director and lead on driving forward our missions and vision forward. We aim to create eco-friendly outdoor gyms that encourage people to be empowered to take care of their own health together with their family or community.


In my opinion, male or female, our fruitfulness in life depends on our choices, beliefs and attitudes. It is within our reach to be totally empowered to control these things.


At TGO, the operations of the day to day gym business is run by Cassie who is heavily pregnant. The finances and general management are run by Liz.

We have some strong women here at TGO. They are the back bone to our company. Thankfully we are all quite different.

My personal journey is that I went to an all girls school, had a mum that cared about my education and a Dad that taught me to think big.

I never believed my gender was a barrier I am quite resilient and will keep trying no matter what to reach for the stars. My attitude is grounded in gratitude because I have never lived in poverty or neglect. I choose a healthy lifestyle with spirituality at the core and good nutrition and exercise. I choose to drive forward TGO because I believe it is for the greater good of the planet helping to reverse conditions like Type 2 Diabetes and Cancer.


The reality is that no one is perfect. No one is the finished article, male or female. We all have different skills to offer.  We all need to bring our best selves to the party.  The moment we judge each other is the moment we fail. I am good at ideas, but rubbish at admin. Others are good at admin but rubbish at ideas. We are stronger together.

Lea has stage 4 cancer and she is a TGO Activator motivating her community to get fit and health with the weekly classes. What an inspiration to her community!

Lorna and her daughter attend the Big Community Workout every Saturday at Salt Hill’s outdoor gym. Lorna is determined to fight her diabetes alongside her supportive daughter.

We have to watch out for the snakes in our lives that seek to destabilise us. A snake could be someone telling you, you are not good enough or spreading negative energy. It also could be your own blind spots where you are weak and thinking you are strong.


Ultimately our potential is much greater than our past, so anything is possible and we can overcome our weaknesses. The key to empowerment, is to take responsibility for your life, 100%. We need to get rid of fearful/ despairing attitudes and stay hopeful. We need to be humble and work out how we can contribute today, step by step.


We cannot control anyone else but we can control ourselves. This is where we become empowered. We can choose our attitudes, choices and beliefs. We can choose to moan about somebody else or work out how we can move things forward.


We need to believe we are capable, bring a willing and can-do attitude to the table and choose to do things that are right, ethical, good for all people and the environment.

For this reason we have made choices at TGO to plant trees, manufacture in the UK, train local people to become activators, provide a free app because it is not just about profit. It’s about doing the right thing.


If we do what is right and treat people as equals everything else will follow. Be empowered to work on yourself. We can all do this.

Key areas to work on:



You can do this!



Bring a positive frame of mind to your day – do your best!



Choose to exercise, eat healthily, reduce plastic, go to bed earlier, be kind…

TGO product are made in Britain. Our factory is based in the North East of England which has a rich heritage of quality metal fabrication.

Sebena is Manor Park's fully trained Activator who runs Big Community Workouts to bring the community together and workout together.

We plant a tree for every piece of equipment installed in the UK in partnership with NHS Forest.