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Virtual activator

Everyday, free classes on screen, for all!

This is a new and exciting addition to the TGO family of products! We have designed a gym screen showing classes throughout the day to revolutionise your outdoor gym.


Fully waterproof and robust screens, installed securely with your TGO gym, the TGO Virtual Activator democratises classes and the gym experience. You have the potential to provide your community with up to 4800 gym classes per year, based around a programmed daily/ weekly schedule. 



The Virtual Activator empowers communities with the best tailored classes for a range of audiences:

  • Complete beginners to exercise - inactive people who want the right instruction to take the first steps towards a healthier, more active and fun lifestyle

  • Active and very active people - we'll show you how to get the most from TGO Gym equipment, improve your technique and build in greater challenge

  • People with chronic health conditions - our expert physios lead programmes designed for people with common pre-existing conditions

  • People starting or returning to activity after an injury, operation or fall - physio-led courses to rebuild your physical fitness and strength

  • Families who want to get active together - kids, teenagers, Mums, Dads, grandparents, great-grandparents, the dog!

  • Pregnant and postnatal Mums - to keep physically active and mentally strong during this transformational period in your life

  • Older people who want to take proactive steps - to improve balance, muscle strength, bone density, reduce their risk of falls and prevent disease onset

  • Groups looking for motivational and teambuilding activities - including employers, events organisers, club members and friendship groups.


The Virtual Activator content is designed by TGO and our expert partners, including:

  • TGO-Virtual-Activator-Marvin-AmbrosiusTGO Trainer, Marvin Ambrosius - formerly obese, Marvin transformed his own body and mind with activity, going on to become Sky TV's Fit in 5 presenter. Marvin's passion and enthusiasm for physical activity, how inclusive and fun it is, inspires young and old, inactive through to elites! 
  • Kesson Physio - Denise Kesson, Adrian Riggs and their team of physiotherapists have treated thousands of people for their physical ailments or sporting injuries over the past 3 decades. Kesson Physio have created a series of physio-based classes, specifically for people with health conditions including chronic pain, mobility issues, osteoarthritis, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, depression and anxiety.
  • Rob Lindley, Firefighter Fit Kids - a firefighter and Dad to young kids, Rob specialises in family fitness with fun and healthy activities for children of all ages, Mums, Dads and grandparents to do altogether. His energetic and friendly style draws people in and keeps people coming back.
  • We also have activity partners with TGO screen customers, who have involved their most inspiring local trainers in this initiative to offer open-access classes for all!

The Virtual Activator calendar:

Our standard weekday calendar provides a full and inclusive programme of activities and classes. There's variety throughout the day and activities are scheduled to fit with working days, school days and audience needs. There is scope for changing this timetable at weekends and you have the option to programme local content supplied by your own trainers or local activity providers, subject to video quality and formatting requirements being met. 



Between classes, the Virtual Activator community screen can be used to: 

  • Promote local health messaging
  • Explain Chief Medical Officer guidelines around physical activity and health
  • Play testimonials of gym users and their success stories
  • Promote local activities and community organisations
  • Deliver Big Community Workouts to guide local activators who we can train
  • Promote the TGO Activate App, which enhance the gym experience for users