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Reaching inactive groups in Hounslow
Posted on 22nd March 2017

Opportunities to be more active for free in Hounslow’s parks are now even easier with TGO’s borough-wide outdoor gyms, installed in 8 parks across the borough with very positive effects on community engagement with physical activity.

TGO Inspired Collection - Press Release
Posted on 14th November 2016

The Great Outdoor Gym Company (TGO) today launches a brand new outdoor gym collection, the TGO Inspired Collection, in a bid to tackle physical inactivity. The new collection is inspired by latest trends in fitness, including yoga, Crossfit and calisthenics.

TGO launches the ultimate outdoor street package
Posted on 21st September 2016

  The whole community can now 'muscle up', 'pull up', 'chin up'(to name a few) in TGO's new Urban Calisthenics package                                                               

An Experiential Olympics
Posted on 16th August 2016

With recent success at the Rio Olympic Games, we take a look back at London2012 at our adiZones and how adidas funded us to help bring the olympics to communities around the UK. 

TGO comes to Lambeth!
Posted on 15th July 2016

 Us here at The Great Outdoor Gym Company Ltd (TGO), Team TGO is currently on its way to Lambeth for their annual 'Country Show' where we will be setting up our 'Green Energy' range for people at the show to use so that they can charge their phone, IPads's and other appliances.     



A new design of outdoor gyms goes into Hounslow
Posted on 31st May 2016

The London Borough of Hounslow has commissioned The Great Outdoor Gym Company to install 8 outdoor gyms accross the borough to tackle inactivity levels. Friday saw the opening of one of these that includes a new functional training rig.

The Great TGO Office Move..COMING 24TH AUGUST!
Posted on 10th August 2015

With the TGO team growing it is time to move to a bigger office... on a farm :) Please make sure you update your records and use our new contact details from 24th August.

1000+ trees planted as proud sponsors of NHS Forest
Posted on 15th December 2014

TGO are happy to annouce that they have now donated over 1000+ trees to the NHS Forest, a project coordinated by the charity, the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare.

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