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Stronger together – a new outdoor gym opens with an ethos of unity

Stronger together – a new outdoor gym opens with an ethos of unity

Stronger together is the slogan on the new TGO outdoor gym in Burgess park.

Saturday 28th October 2023 marked the opening of a showcase Calisthenics park in Burgess park by The Great Outdoor Gym Company (TGO) Commissioned by Southwark council, TGO worked with Michael Cachia, champion calisthenic athlete to design a showcase Calisthenics space for everyone to unite peacefully.

Calisthenics is from the ancient Greeks (Kalos Sthenos) meaning ‘beauty and strength’. It combines body weight exercises such as press ups, pull ups and muscle ups as well as static postures involving balance and strength such as handstands and front levers. Many of the disciplines coincide with gymnastics making it a great sport for both men and women and a foundation for other sports.


It was the Southwark council’s desire to regenerate the Albany Road section of Burgess park and boost opportunities for residents nearby Aylesbury estate. Previously the park had some equipment that residents used but it was in much need of updating.

In 2022, TGO had designed a brand new range of Calisthenics equipment with the Calisthenics community. Asking them what exactly they wanted and listening to every detail. Designed and manufactured in Britain, this range was tested at the UK  Calisthenics Championships at the NEC where athletes swung, pull ups, inverted and overcame gravity until they dropped. The range is therefore competition ready!

The opening was attended by female UK Champion Simone Ming and 18 times winner Michael Cachia.


“Not only is this a state of the art set up created by TGO gyms, we have also provided something little to no outside gyms provide -  a range of equipment to help all levels, ranging from beginners to advanced athletes, catering  to all fitness needs.” Michael Cachia


“At TGO we want to open up the benefits of Calisthenics to more people. It is such an inclusive discipline. It is great to see more women and girls take part as well as people adopting it later on in life. We are excited to work with Michael to provide the step by step guide to fulfilling your potential. It took Michael 5 years to transform himself. Every one of us can follow in his footsteps and discover our strongest selves. The community ethos around calisthenics is really supportive and unifies all backgrounds, religions, men and women.” Georgie Delaney MBE

As part of the project tgogc with TGO activate will be activating the outdoor gym with Michael running free Calisthenic classes for the whole community. All levels welcome: Men, women, young people. Start your strength journey today!

Click to find out more about what is happening at Burgess Park outdoor gym here

Burgess Park Outdoor gym includes a Kalos Sthenos Rig, Freestyle Bar, High Parallel Bar, High Parallette Bar, Low Parallette Bar, Monkey Bars/Handstand wall, TGO Weights Chest Press, PowerSmart Handbike, and Pull Up Bars with Rings.


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  28 October 2023

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