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TGO gyms remove the barriers to exercise. There free, accessible and can be used 24/7. Don’t just take our word for it, independent research has shown that we have reached out to a wide variety of users from young people, people of low incomes, mums, ethnic minorities and families.

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TGO activates Slough, taking over the borough with 14 new outdoor gyms
Posted on 7th June 2018

Slough Council and Active Slough are incredibly dedicated to raising physical activity and increasing wellbeing right across Slough. We love working with them, to provide high quality outdoor fitness facilities, which are being super-powered by Slough’s great commitment to activation.

In April 2017 TGO designed and installed outdoor gyms to fit 8 different sites across Slough to help get the community active. The council and community were so pleased with the success of the gyms a further 6 outdoor gyms were installed in February 2018.

Discovering the magic of metalwork at the TGO gym factory
Posted on 17th April 2018

Written by Georgie Delaney, Co-founder & Joint M.D. of TGO

Over the Easter holidays, I wanted to spend some quality time with the kids. I took a week off work and thought about what to do with them. My 6 year old son Brandon loves Minecraft, Lego, machines and expressed an interest to see the factory where TGO gyms are made in Gateshead, Newcastle. My daughter Izzie likes magical unicorns and a horse called spirit. What we discovered was how metalwork can be something much more significant than just the metal.

TGO's mission to provide sustainable health & physical activity solutions
Posted on 29th March 2018

The Great Outdoor Gym Company (TGO) is looking for Partners for The Ebbsfleet Garden City Competition. TGO is the market leader in outdoor fitness installations. TGO’s mission is to drive up physical activity levels, increase wellbeing and promote climate action. TGO has over 1000 outdoor gyms installed into parks and open spaces. TGO’s new range of gyms are strong, smart and sustainable. We have a world unique activation package which will create active, engaging, and uplifting places that encourage healthier lifestyles for existing and new residents, visitors and workforce. 

People power is a commodity that can generate sustainable communities
Posted on 23rd March 2018

Written by Georgie Delaney
Co founder and Joint M.D. of TGO

In honour of WWF's Earth Hour & Earth Day, I would like to share my views on a more sustainable planet. According to the Green School in Bali, sustainability starts with the individual. Anyone that has been ill will know how precious energy is. When we lack it, we realise what a gift it is and long to have it back. 65% of the UK’s National Health Service’s carbon footprint comes from procurement - mainly of drugs that are prescribed like for examples drugs for Diabetes. According to Public Health England 40% of illnesses are driven by physical inactivity.

2018 adiZone upgrade
Posted on 7th December 2017

The 2012 Olympics may have been and gone but the legacy still lives on. Can you believe its been over 5 years since the games? Well a lot has happened with TGO in that time including a brand new range made 100% in Britain.

Havant Borough Council understood the importance of upgrading their kit to the new and improved made in the UK equipment for their Hayling Island adiZone and completed the upgrade this year. Look at the different it has made!

Activity Zone Case Study – The University of Warwick
Posted on 21st November 2017

The University of Warwick’s vision is to be the most active campus in the UK by 2020. Working closely with the University the aim was to develop an inspiring and aspirational environment where students, staff, coaches and support staff are offered premium facilities to enhance their overall experience. The facilities will offer a campus environment that supports sport, health and wellness for students, staff, partners and visitors. 

Right Guard launches the UK's first EVER gym made from recycled aerosols at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
Posted on 21st June 2017

The TGO gym has been created using reproduced aluminum from old deodorant and antiperspirant cans in partnership with Right Guard and TerraCycle. The gym which has been donated to Queen Elizabeth Olympic park, has now offically opened to the public.

TGO gyms score high in Dudley Healthy Towns evaluation
Posted on 23rd March 2017

The University of Worcester evaluated the Dudley Healthy Towns programme. There were striking results with respect to their borough-wide TGO gyms, which were the most highly rated improvement of the park facility infrastructure and significantly increased activity.

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