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Adjustable weights for all abilities, and wheelchairs

Part of the unique, plate loaded system of the TGO weights range, which enables the user to vary the weights in a safe and secure way (in either 5kgs or 2.5kgs increments).

This system gives a far more natural feel (rather than the use of hydraulics) and is a fantastic progression range for those users who are looking for that indoor gym feel, but outside in the 'Great Outdoors'.

TGO are proud to be an exclusive distribution partner of Street Barbell, offering the Butterfly Press which is sometimes known as the ‘pec dec’ this machine predominantly works the chest (or pectoral muscles). It also gives the user 87.5kgs of variable weight on each arm and the movable seat making this machine (and all the weights range) perfect for wheelchair users too.

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  • Wheelchair accessible - Do exercises in a wheelchair or on the folding seat
  • Unique, plate loaded system
  • This unit offers a whopping 87.5kgs of variable weight on each arm.
  • The equipment is designed  to develop large pectoral muscles. During the reduction it localizes the effort on the chest muscles level and also is developing the coracobrachialis muscles and the short head of the biceps.


  • Enables the user to vary the weights in a safe and secure way (in either 5kgs or 2.5kgs increments)
  • High Quality build
  • Designed and Load tested to EN16630
  • Affordable
  • Low Maintenance

Product details


  • L1.8m x W1.58m x H1.98m
  • Users: 1
  1. Certified to EN16630. All TGO outdoor gym equipment is free from exposed end stops, entrapments, sharp edges and crush points.
  2. Weatherproof 
  3. Varying weights from 10kg to 150kg, supporting progression and all abilities
  4. Low maintenance  
  5. TGO plant a tree in the NHS Forest for every piece of equipment sold 
  6. Anti-vandal fixings 
  7. Powder coated finish – standard colour is TGO green or black, however there are a variety of colour options at an additional cost

Production details

Manufacturer Standard: EN16630

Framework: Grade 316 stainless steel

Finish: High quality gloss finish polyester powder coat paint

Enhanced corrosion protection

An enhanced corrosion protection is available as standard for this product. Hot dip galvanising is the process TGO use to add a protective coating to the body of our products on our equipment in coastal areas, which have higher air salinity or in harsh urban and industrial atmospheres with higher sulphur dioxide pollution*.
The upgrade includes:

  • Upgrading to hot dip galvanising
  • Fixings are upgraded from A2 to A4 stainless steel

*An upgrade to galvanised steel will be necessary for the warranty in these environments.

Installation & Delivery

Installation: The basement of the exersise machine: a cast-in-situ concrete slab with reinforcing network. The basement height is 150 mm. The basement is placed under the whole training machine playground. Anchors should be installed in the spot of the equipment placing.

Delivery: Partial assembly


This product requires 24.5m² of clear space around the equipment.

  • Movement Space: L5.1m W4.8m
  • Clear Space: 24m²

Parts list









TBC kg





TBC kg


* Based on the greatest value position


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