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Pioneering Human Powered Outdoor Gyms

Some of our recent clients


TGO-Gyms-Made-in-BritainTGO proudly designs, engineers and manufactures our outdoor gym equipment in Britain. What this means for TGO customers is stronger, safer, longer-lasting and better value outdoor gyms. Why choose TGO? Read more here. 

What we do

  • UK pioneers of outdoor fitness equipment
  • High quality - designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Extensive and inclusive range
  • Progressive outdoor gym designs
  • Specialists in consultation, design, installation, activation, and maintenance
  • Worldwide pioneers of gyms that generate power
  • Worldwide leaders in outdoor gym safety standards
  • Worldwide pioneers in smart outdoor gyms
  • Worldwide pioneers in outdoor gym screens

Why choose tgo gyms

What our clients say about TGO

The adiZones inspire young people to become more active and help make our vision of encouraging young people to get involved with sport a reality.


Sebastian Coe, Chair of the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games

I’ve worked with TGO over a number of years on a number of projects. Their service is second to none.  The impact that our activity zone has had has already been beyond belief because there is something for everyone.

Lisa Dodd-Mayne, Director of Sport and Active Communities, University of Warwick

Outdoor fitness equipment

All our outdoor fitness equipment is designed to EN:16630. We have a full range of outdoor fitness equipment that’s inclusive and of the highest quality. This includes outdoor cardio equipment, strength, Street Workout Calisthenics, adjustable weights, PowerSmart technology and activation screens. We specialise in creating the perfect gym design with the optimum equipment to suit any health agenda and any budget.

Outdoor gym packages

Setting a budget for your outdoor gym project? We have many pre built gym packages designed around budgets and niche markets that will help you choose. If that’s not enough, we have an ‘Outdoor Gym Builder’ service within this website that will filter our outdoor gym packages to serve you up the best choices!

Bespoke outdoor gym design

Using a consultative approach, our expert sales and internal design teams can create your perfect outdoor fitness space that’s accessible, safe, approachable and on trend. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to begin the process.

Healthy people, healthy planet

We don’t just build outdoor gyms, we help build a stronger planet! The vision and missions of the Great Outdoor Gym Company are to assist in a sustainable planet with healthy forests, seas and natural habitats thriving alongside happy and healthy humans. Our outdoor fitness equipment and all our associated services are all geared up around this philosophy.

Energy Generating Outdoor Fitness Equipment

A TGO invention and world-first, our PowerSmart range generates electricity that can re-charge mobile devices through contactless charging, and even go to an energy storage device for powering other equipment (like lighting) later. The equipment is engaging and fun and good for the planet!

High Standards - Made in Britain

We proudly design, engineer and manufacture our outdoor gym equipment in Britain. What this means for our customers:

  • Stronger outdoor fitness equipment
  • Safer outdoor gyms with peace of mind
  • Long lasting durability
  • Warranties you can rely on
  • Better Value
  • Lower life cost of the outdoor gym

We do not import from the far east, so our UK logistics are greener, and our lead times are shorter.

Global exporters

We are committed to exporting British products worldwide to help solve world problems like obesity and help people connect with the community and the great outdoors to boost wellbeing. Georgie Delaney, founder of TGO was awarded an MBE for services to trade and export in 2022. We believe business should be a conduit for good!

Gym generator tool

Got a budget in mind? We have many different outdoor gyms already designed to suit your space, budget, target audience, project goals and activation plans, so we have taken away all your hard work. Use our tool to refine your selection, get a shortlist of the best spaces for you and present clear information to colleagues and community members.

Why you should work with us

About Us

Family is at the heart of what we do. We create inclusive outdoor fitness and activity spaces in parks so that everyone can benefit from health improvements through physical activity. We also want to do things right. This ethos means we have pioneered greener, safer and stronger outdoor gyms than any other. We pioneered safety standards making our outdoor fitness equipment similar to playgrounds as well as inclusivity standards making our outdoor gyms accessible to people with disabilities. We are leading innovators in our field. One of these innovations is the TGO PowerSmart range, which transforms human energy into electricity that can be used for charging devices and can even be stored for later.

TGO are not a play company selling Outdoor Gym Equipment. TGO are specialists in manufacturing outdoor gym equipment and designing outdoor gyms. We pride ourselves in developing inclusive outdoor gym spaces that encourage communities to be stronger, together. This separates us from the rest. We are focussed on the end-user and provide a full turnkey solution that delivers the best exercise experience in their local outdoor gym. We can deliver Our PPP business model (People, Planet, Prosperity) drives us to focus on our business in a sustainable way.

  • Proud to still be a family-operated business
  • Proud to manufacture in the UK
  • Proud to have 2000 successful gym installations in the UK alone
  • Expert project delivery and ongoing account management
  • Inclusive equipment designed for all abilities
  • Approachable, progressive and inclusive design and equipment layout
  • World-leading equipment, designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • TGO Smart gyms that give site owners data on usage. We have pioneered our virtual activator screens delivering free classes to all our gyms. We are also developing flooring made of marine plastic.


TGO are experts in outdoor gym solutions and we work closely with our customers to ensure that they get the best equipment for their budget and their customers. Our expert staff listens to the needs of each and every outdoor gym requirement, large or small, to deliver the best results possible.

Gym Design

A large part of the solutions we provide is listening to our customer's needs. We are able to be highly responsive to those needs through our in-house design team. We create visualisations of gyms that help create the vision. Having the resource in-house means we can consult with clients and easily ‘tweak’ things to get them right. We have invested in Augmented Reality too. This helps visualise our pre-built gym packages in situ. All you have to do is go to our packages and tap the AR button , point the camera at where you’d like to see the gym on site and the software will do the rest.

Project Management

Once we have designed a gym, or a pre-built package has been ordered, we went into the project management phase of the order. We work with stock, manufacturing, QC and logistics to work to keen lead times. Our team communicate with customers to ensure each outdoor gym, be it large or small, is delivered hassle-free and in a timely manner. We will also help to launch gyms where required and can provide activation services to enable it.


TGO has a complete service for activating theirs (and others) gyms. These include but are not limited to launch activities, their marketing, group exercise, movement medicine, activation screens, and community engagement measuring. Please see our dedicated wesite here to read all about it and our successes.


Our British made outdoor fitness equipment is built to last and has some of the longest warranties in the industry. However, things do go wrong. Less so if equipment is maintained properly. We provide additional services to suit varied budgets to help keep things running.


A sustainable planet with healthy forests, seas and natural habitats thriving alongside happy and healthy humans.


The purposes and missions of our company are:

  • To help build smart cities that have health, wellbeing and sustainability at the centre
  • To help people make smart and sustainable choices about their lives
  • To help nudge people into more movement
  • To help reduce lifestyle diseases and take the pressure of health services like the NHS by promoting movement as medicine
  • To help councils make the most of their parks and transform them into centres of sustainability
  • To contribute to climate action such as reforestation and cleaning up the seas

The TGO Difference

  1. TGO outdoor gyms are fun, approachable and safe
  2. TGO outdoor gym equipment is stronger
  3. TGO outdoor gyms are more sustainable
  4. TGO outdoor gyms can be smart
  5. TGO gyms and the outdoor equipment are more inclusive 
  6. TGO outdoor gym designs are family friendly
  7. TGO provide outdoor gym activation services
  8. TGO outdoor gyms cater for all fitness abilities
  9. TGO are highly experienced and ready to serve in outdoor gym solutions
  10. TGO strive to provide best value


Contact TGO

Contact TGO to chat on the phone, Skype or Zoom about your project. We're also very happy to meet on site. To get ideas about TGO gyms that would work brilliantly for your location, budget and audience, try our easy gym generator tool. 

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Activate your TGO gym

Discover our sustainable activation tools to grow a thriving TGO gym community

TGO Activate

Over 2000 gyms worldwide and counting

From our first outdoor gyms in English and Scottish parks in 2007, we're now in public parks, schools, universities, hospitals, work places and prisons right across the UK – and we've crossed continents too. From London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to Bondi Beach in Australia, the paradise island of Mauritius to Singaporean shores, Dubai beachfronts to the site an earthquake in Muccia, Italy and many more. We’re honoured to play our part in improving public health across the globe, breaking down barriers to physical activity for all ages and abilities, regenerating community spaces and building a sustainable future to protect the planet for future generations.

Find out about TGO in the twenties here.


50,000 trees planted

Now more than ever, we need to look after our health and protect nature - we believe the two go hand in hand. Since May 2012, TGO has sponsored 50,000 trees in the NHS Forest, at least one tree for every piece of outdoor gym equipment sold. 

To mark NHS Sustainability Day 2020, we planted a batch of 700 trees at NHS Forest sites including Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, Bethlem Royal Hospital in South East London, Ysbyty Gwynedd in Bangor. In spring 2020, some silver birches are being planted in our Movement is Medicine outdoor gym at St Thomas's Hospital in Westminster, as a tribute to TGO's late chairman and great Dad, John Tarrant. 

Our longstanding partnership with the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare is one we very much look forward to growing in the 20s. 


Serving communities of 7.5 million people

With 1500 TGO gyms installed in the UK and worldwide, we estimate there are 7.5 million people who can access and benefit from a free TGO gym, right on their doorstep. From villages to urban metropolises, hospital grounds to university campuses, large parks to housing estates, our conservative estimate is that an average of 5000 people live, work or study within one kilometre of each TGO gym. And now with TGO Smart, our unique technology that measures TGO gym hits, our ability to measure participation at outdoor gyms is second to none.