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PowerSmart Range

Outdoor cardiovascular gym equipment that generates electricity from Human Power

Turning workouts into watts! Human power goes in, usable, electrical power comes out.

The PowerSmart Range is modern, and unique. It generates green energy through the most efficient, maintenance-friendly, contactless power generator we have ever created. It efficiently creates usable power to charge phones, tablets, or even our bespoke on-site energy storage unit, the EDU. Resistance is controlled by the user's speed, and through the TGO activate app that connects seamlessly to the console through Bluetooth. It has both contactless and wired charging, and gives user feedback through a fun graphics panel. The range also gives owners insight into gym usage through their own dashboard.


PowerSmart Handbike

Generate electricity to charge devices on this super-inclusive cardio star. Get Smart to measure gym hits.


PowerSmart Re-Cycle Bike

Cardio classic, generates electricity to charge devices and reward activity. Choose Smart to measure usage.


PowerSmart Recumbent Bike

Inspire activity for your whole community! Charge a device as you care for your heart, lungs and legs.


PowerSmart Shortened Recumbent Bike

Inspire activity and people power for the next generation!


PowerSmart Shortened Handbike

Educate how to generate electricity to charge devices on this super-inclusive cardio star.


Energy Display Unit

Our unique EDU captures and stores human energy, creating useable electricity to power lights. Sustainability star!

The history of PowerSmart:

TGO first invented outdoor gyms that generate usable energy in 2010. The lightbulb moment came when the founders and engineers were discussing how to make the cardio equipment more robust. Lots of energy goes through an exercise machine and one good way of managing that energy is to harness it for electricity. We developed the hand bike, recumbent bike, fitness bike and cross trainer to become human power stations! All made in Britain, we combined generators, electronics, smart tech, dashboard and the option of a storage system to create a human power station!

New PowerSmart - Features and Benefits

Our latest range of outdoor power generation equipment is our most advanced to date.

Simple Design, Versatile Materials

The main upgrades and benefits of PowerSmart come from its clever, much simpler design, and the use of more reliable contactless technology. As it is now available in galvanised steel, it is also the most versatile and was deliberately designed for export around the globe.  

The Generator System and Console 

Imagine a human-powered modern-day windmill - and you you wouldn'r be far off! The entire PowerSmart range has a bespoke, custom-made, human-driven contactless generator. This is similar to the technology used to supply green energy to millions of people around the world!

This contactless generator is more efficient and more reliable than using gears and motors. Additionally, from the outset, we designed the equipment carcass to be quickly dismantled for easy service access, so the generator is easily bolted in and out by engineers. 

The generator sits inside the cylindrical section of the wheel and uses contactless magnets to generate electricity. Controlling that power comes from the console through it's boards and resistors. This in turn gives the exercise resistance the user feels. The user doesn’t see any of this of course as it’s all hidden away safely. They have a nice, welcoming, and approachable console where they can charge their phones and see the feedback of their workout and the energy they’re generating through LEDs. 

The console also has outputs for the TGO EDU which is our patented human power station that stores usable energy on-site at the Gym. 

The TGO App - Smart and User Resistance Control

Another innovative feature we have developed is the beneficial, user option for variable resistance. We chose not to have complicated, expensive touch screens on our equipment that are expensive to service and replace. This led us to the Bluetooth connectivity and the ability for resistance to be controlled through our App - TGO Activate. So in effect, the user is already carrying the touch screen and resistance controller in their pocket! By scanning the QR code on any of the new PowerSmart consoles and downloading the TGO Activate App, the user can control resistance in just a few easy steps. 

The console is also removable for simple service provision. 

PowerSmart energy:

The PowerSmart Range is great for physical health, mental wellbeing, community spirit and our beautiful planet too. Our equipment captures human energy and converts it to useable electricity:

  • To charge mobile phones and tablets via USB lead or contactless plate.
  • To provid smart data for the site owner to measure your outdoor gym hits and the energy generated in kilowatt hours - amazing insights to measure and drive participation.
  • To store in our Energy Display Unit and power interactive lighting on site.

How much power does each piece generate?

  • Each piece generates between 0-100 watts depending on the fitness levels of the person using it. We limit the power above 100watts to keep the system from overheating.
  • The output on the usb port is 5 volts.
  • The output is a stabalized 48 volts and can be paired with a storage system.

Key features of the TGO Power Smart range

  • All our Energy pieces incentivise regular activity and reward effort - the faster your pedal or turn, the more you charge
  • Users can see the power they are outputting and the energy too
  • 2 x USB ports, wireless charging plate and device holder on our unique weatherproof console, featuring LED watt meter display
  • Please include our PowerSmart Handbike wherever possible, accessible to wheelchair users and able-bodied people
  • Our PowerSmart Re-Cyle Bike is brilliant for all users with our adjustable resistance.
  • Our Energy Display Unit gives you the power to light up the space!
  • Going Smart means you can count your gyms hits, track the energy generated and spot usage trends via our user-friendly online dashboard
  • Compatiable with our free TGO activate app
  • TGO's Power Smart range goes above and beyond the EN16630 safety standard
  • The TGO Mini Range now includes the PowerSmart Shortened Handbike and Recumbent Bike
  • Why go TGO? Read our top 10 reasons.

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