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This gym, track and mini MUGA is great for the whole community.

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This gym, track and mini MUGA is great for the whole community. It is perfect for activation and supports all ages and demographics. A one stop solution for the community's health and fitness needs. The smart activator screen with classes can lead group workouts. A great mix of cardio and strength equipment with an Active Rig as a centre piece for those into body weight exercises. Ideal for a local sports group to use to build fitness or develop power. The addition of the MUGA provides safe space for ball sports for younger ones whilst the grownups workout!


Don't forget! Use our new Augment Reality tool above to see how the gym would look in your outdoor space. Whilst on your phone or tablet click on the 'AR' button next to your chosen 3D image and see your gym come to life.


No. of Users - 22


Minimum Area - 18m x 32m​

Minimum Surfacing - 576m²

Equipment list

  • Smart Activator Screen
  • Multi use games area
  • Track
  • Floor Markings
  • Power Smart Hand Bike
  • Power Smart Spinning Bike
  • Bench
  • Dips Station
  • Parallel Rails
  • Active Rig
  • Pull Up/Assisted Pull Up
  • Plyometric Boxes
  • Lat Pull Down/Shoulder Press
  • Chest Press/Seated Row

Surfaces available

  • Black wetpour
  • Colour wetpour

More options are available



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