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Adjustable weights machines for outdoor gyms

 Ingenious, approachable, safe

The Verticle Rope Pull is solely designed for outdoor gyms and brings the indoor gym experience, outdoors. It is part of the unique, plate-loaded system of the TGO weights range, which enables the user to vary the weights in a safe and secure way (in either 10kgs or 2.5kgs increments).

This system gives a far more natural feel (rather than the use of hydraulics) and is a fantastic progression range for those users who are looking for that indoor gym feel, but outside in the 'Great Outdoors'.

TGO are proud to be an exclusive distribution partner of Street Barbell, offering the Vertical Rope Pull, which is the perfect choice for those wanting to improve upper and core body strength. Depending on the position, it is designed to develop the tricep and the straight and oblique abdominal muscles. The maximum weight per arm is 47.5kg which is more than enough for even the most seasoned indoor gym user.

Moving the weights along the secure adjustment nearer to the body reduces the weight being used. This adjustability feature of the seated triceps benefits all users at all levels of fitness. The movable seat also makes it accessible for wheelchair users.

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  • EN16630 Certified
  • Unique, plate-loaded system that's easy and safe to use
  • Weight plates are locked in to the machine
  • Adjustable weights of up to 95kg
  • Includes 8 x 10kg weights and 6 x 2.5kg rubber weights
  • Vertical Rope Pull in Standing position is designed to develop isolatedly triceps and elbow muscles, direct and oblique abdominal muscles.


  • Accessible and approachable design
  • For users at many different levels of fitness
  • Enables the user to vary the weights in a safe and secure way (in either 10kgs or 2.5kgs increments)
  • High-quality build and finish
  • Easy to set up and safe to use
  • Affordable
  • Low Maintenance
  • Motivates users and creates progression in gym designs 
  • Brings indoor gym experiences outdoors 

Product details


  • Users: 1
  • Varying weights in 2.5kg and 10kg increments - 8 x 10kg and 6 x 2.5kg plates
  • Adjustable Seat - No
  • Energy Generating - No
  • Certified to EN16630. All TGO outdoor gym equipment is free from exposed end stops, entrapments, sharp edges and crush points.
  • Weatherproof 
  • Low maintenance  
  • Anti-vandal fixings 
  • Thermoplatic coated finish
  • Standard colour is TGO green or black, however, there are a variety of colour options at an additional cost
  • TGO plant a tree in the NHS Forest for every piece of equipment sold 

Production details

Manufacturer Standard: EN16630

Framework: Grade 316 stainless steel

Finish: High quality thermoplastic coating which protects metal from corrosion and mechanical wear

Galvanisation - Enhanced corrosion protection

The TGO Weights range uses a thermoplastic coating. Thermoplastic boasts chemical resistance and is a durable coating that protects metal from corrosion and mechanical wear. It is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, aggressive chemicals, and moisture, making it ideal for use in outdoor structures and extreme climatic conditions.

Installation & Delivery

Installation: The basement of the exercise machine: a cast-in-situ concrete slab with a reinforcing network. The basement height is 150 mm. The basement is placed under the whole training machine playground. Anchors should be installed in the spot of the equipment placement. *Follow installation manual for full instructions

Delivery: The machines comes fully assembled, except for the discs which are packed separately for transportation. To set it up, simply place the discs onto the arches as instructed in the manual.


TUV EN16630 Certified

This product requires 16.5m² of clear space around the equipment.

  • Movement Space: L3.93m W4.2m
  • Clear Space: 16.5m²

Dimensions & Weight



Dimensions (mm)




MB7.38 Vertical Rope Pull L 1530 W 1770 H 2430





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