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Create your community-friendly outdoor gym

We’ve put a lot of love into our range of TGO gym packages and there's our gym generator tool to tailor your package to a specific location, budget and audience.

To create a bespoke TGO gym, here's how to build an inspiring, targeted and sustainable space.

Essential, Plus and Extra products

There are 3 simple steps to your perfect gym. We'll show you how to include beginners to physical activity, exercise pros, families, older people and wheelchair users. 

Step 1: Choose from our Essentials range first. These pieces are the most inclusive for the whole community: all fitness levels, older people and wheelchair users.

Step 2: Select from our Plus range. Zoom in on your target groups and add wider choice. Include popular kit to increase strength over time. For small spaces, consider a TGO Multi Gym. For the most family-friendly gyms, add TGO Shortened or Mini pieces.

Step 3: Choose Extra to revolutionise your space. Transform your TGO gym into an outdoor studio or a power station!

TGO Essential

The most community-friendly and inclusive outdoor gyms start here.

Energy Hand Bike

Generate electricity to charge devices on this super-inclusive cardio star. Get Smart to measure gym hits.


Hand Bike

Star inclusivity piece, upper body cardio and arm toning for able-bodied people and wheelchair users.


Spinning Bike

An outdoor gym classic to boost cardio health and fitness, welcoming even the most inactive users.


Energy Spinning Bike

Cardio classic, generates electricity to charge devices and reward activity. Choose Smart to measure usage.

Leg Press

Smooth and intuitive, this piece is beneficial and fun for all fitness levels, working legs and glutes.



Family-friendly toning piece, core strength classic with full body tone and strength activities, all fitness levels.


Chest Press/
Seated Row

Upper body muscle toner, super-inclusive for older users, inactive and active people - a community-friendly star!


Lat Pull Down/
Shoulder Press

A favourite strength-building centrepiece, intuitive for all fitness levels with variations to increase challenge.



Beginners, elites and families, step or jump for cardio health, then tone and strengthen upper body.


Single Pull Up Bar

Build upper body strength with this low maintenance space saver.


Double Pull Up Bar

Upper body strength builder, double station with two height variations.


Triple Pull Up Bar

An active people magnet for upper body strength, three height variations.


Welcome Sign

Welcomes, educates and assures gym users - instructional diagrams, trainer tips, scannable QR codes for our demo videos and App, certification and gym owner contact details.

TGO Plus

Target your space, whatever the size, towards families, younger kids, active groups and the super fit.


Energy Cross Trainer

World-first cardio equipment that generates electricity to charge devices! Upgrade to Smart to measure gym hits.


Cross Trainer

A classic piece to rival the indoor version, boosts heart and lung health, intuitive for all fitness levels.


Energy Recumbent Bike

Inspired cardio and lower body toner for the whole community. Pedal to charge! Get Smart to measure gym hits.


Recumbent Bike

Intuitive cardiovascular piece, improving leg strength and muscle tone in beginners through to elites.



Full body strength and tone centrepiece, all fitness levels, an inter-generational star attraction!


Pull Up/ Assisted Pull Up

Uniquely designed to welcome beginners and challenge the super fit, upper body strength for all!


Dips/ Leg Raise

An inclusive strength workout for the whole body in one low maintenance unit.


Overhead Ladder

Increase upper body strength with challenge and play built in - fun for the whole family and low maintenance too.



Our low, mid and high parallette bars offer a full body workout for all levels - dips, leg raises, push ups and handstands.


Cardio Multi Gym

4-in-1 package, our most inclusive cardio kit with upper body strength and tone exercises.


Full Body Multi Gym

4-in-1 package with cardio, strength and tone equipment for the whole community.


Toning Multi Gym

4-in-1 package, complete body workout for all fitness levels, perfect for small spaces.


Parallel Bars

Beginners to elites, builds upper body strength and supports lower body physio exercises.


Triple Step Up

All ages, step and jump to it! Cardio for beginners to elites, low maintenance.


Treadmill/ Oblique

A fantastic double unit for gentler cardio activity, intuitive and fun for all fitness levels, family-friendly.


Shortened Energy
Hand Bike

Kids and smaller adults, wheelchair users and able-bodied, get your electricity generating cardio hit here!


Shortened Hand Bike

Child-friendly piece, inclusive and intuitive for wheelchair users and able-bodied people.


Shortened Leg Press

Smooth and intuitive, great for family-friendly spaces, builds strength in little legs!


Shortened Energy Recumbent Bike

Generate electricity, charge your device and improve cardiovascular health. For little legs and bright minds!


Shortened Recumbent Bike

Family-friendly cardio piece, intuitive and fun, great for heart health, lung function and leg tone.


Mini Treadmill/ Oblique

Gentle cardio double unit, intuitive and fun for kids and shorter people.


Lower Double Pull Up Bar

Family-friendly double station, inspires play and builds upper body strength.


Lower Parallel Bars

Family-friendly strength piece, inspires kids to get active through play.


Lower Overhead Ladder

Child-friendly and so playful, builds upper body strength and coordination.


Activity Generator

Family-friendly, fun spinning disc: “What activity will it land on?”

TGO Extra

Add maximum wow! Energy storage to power lighting and our latest activation tools.


Energy Display Unit

Our unique EDU captures and stores human energy, creating useable electricity to power lights. Sustainability star!


Community Activator Training

Train local volunteers to run TGO Big Community Workouts and other classes.

Looking for another way in? You can search all TGO products in our Cardio, Energy, Toning and Strength & Callisthenics ranges. 

CardioEnergyToningStrength & Callisthenics

Contact TGO to talk about your outdoor gym project today. 

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