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Maintenance and warranty


TGO has been ploughing care into our designs over the past 10 years, ever improving our offer and eradicating known issues. TGO is always aiming for a maintenance-free product but there are key pieces of equipment that do require care. It is important to maintain your new gym to ensure it stays in good and safe working order to validate the warranty.

To keep everything operating as they should this involves some basic daily/ weekly/ monthly inspections of the equipment. For example:

  • Checks for any vandalism or faults
  • Lubrication of moving parts
  • Touching up of any paintwork damage.

Light maintenance kit

On purchasing your TGO gym, we provide you with a ‘light maintenance kit’ which includes our maintenance manual, correct fixing tools, lubrication oil and touch up paints.

The product will then need to be serviced quarterly and this can be done by our team or yours.

All required checks are outlined in our maintenance manual. Follow our simple guidance to validate the warranty and keep your TGO gym in great condition.



The benefits of TGO with spares/ replacements are:

1. We manufacture here in the UK
2. Many of our parts are common to each piece
3. Lead time on common spares will be in most cases under 72 hours if not less.

​TGO can offer an extensive maintenance pack on substantial orders so that spares that may be required are available from that pack immediately (this will include touch up paint, spare fixtures and fittings, bearings etc).

Anything from your pack that is used within the warranty period will be replaced free of charge (all our stock and spare parts are all made in the UK, so lead time is short and no long shipment delays).

Here's the TGO spares document for a handy list.



Our promises for your gym aftercare are:

1. We will provide you with all the necessary tools to keep your gym in great condition.

2. We will provide you with support and training to care well for your gym.

3. We will ensure all consumable elements are available to you in under 72 hours

4. If a part should break under warranty we will supply a replacement or a fix without any qualms within 4 weeks.

Please download the TGO warranty document here


Maintain and measure services

Maintenance Packages

We understand some of our customers won't have the team to complete the necessary maintenance so we have broken it down into packages to help explain what is required.

TGO gyms need to be looked after to gold or platinum level to validate the warranty.
As site owners you need to also make daily/weekly checks of your gym to check all is in working order and carry out the checks listed in our maintenance guidelines.

The packages available are for the quarterly maintenance inspections stipulated in our maintenance guidelines. Whilst we are carrying out the quarterly maintenance visits for you, we can clean the equipment and scan the smart equipment (if you have it) providing you with hassle free usage data.

Click here or on the above image to download. For more information please contact us now.