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An outdoor gym for the female heart

An outdoor gym for the female heart

Heart Research UK and The Great Outdoor Gym Company (TGO) have joined forces to create the ultimate outdoor fitness space that is more female-friendly. 

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Studies show that up to 40% of women are not meeting the recommended weekly exercise target of 150 minutes, leading to the alarming increase in heart disease among women.  

To address this issue, we are inviting women and girls to co-create our upcoming outdoor gym designs so that they can be tailored to better meet their needs. Your participation in our survey will provide valuable insights into what you consider essential in an outdoor fitness environment. Your input will help shape the future of fitness spaces and empower women to prioritise their cardiovascular health.

Quote from Helen Flaherty at Heart Research UK:  
"We are absolutely thrilled to be partnering with the Great Outdoor Gym Company, which aligns perfectly with our goal to get people more active. We want to see physical activity become a fundamental part of life for all women and girls. Increasing physical activity is crucial for reducing the risk of coronary heart disease because it helps with maintaining a healthy weight, managing cholesterol levels and reducing high blood pressure."

Quote from Georgie Delaney MBE at the Great Outdoor Gym Company: 
“Co-creation is a key part of our design process. We also value inclusivity, sustainability, diversity, safety and quality.” 

TGO's vision is help create healthier people and a healthier planet whilst developing new inspiring designs that women feel excited to belong to.  

Help us, help you by completing our survey today!

This survey consists of 14 questions and will take approximately 4 minutes to complete.

Please be aware that this survey is anonymous, and your personal data is not being stored. 

Complete the survey here

  01 March 2024

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