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This gym has everything you need for activation!

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This gym has everything you need for activation! This gym has all the pieces of equipment used in 2021's classes and courses created on and on the smart activator screen. 


Don't forget! Use our new Augment Reality tool above to see how the gym would look in your outdoor space. Whilst on your phone or tablet click on the 'AR' button next to your chosen 3D image and see your gym come to life.


No. of Users - 34


Minimum Area - 10.8m x 13.1m​

Minimum Surfacing - 142m²


Screen & Semi circle pad - 16m²

Running track - 22m²

Equipment list

  • Power Smart Hand Bike
  • Energy Recumbent Bike
  • Power Smart Spinning Bike
  • 2 x Single Sit Bench
  • Chest Press/Seated Row
  • Lat Pull Down/Shoulder Press
  • Double Pull Up Bar
  • Plyometric Boxes
  • Active Rig
  • Balance Beams
  • Lowered Triple Pull Up Bar
  • Air Skier
  • Air Walker
  • Cross Trainer
  • Pull Up/Assisted Pull Up
  • Leg Press

Also Features:

  • Perfect for activation and Smart Activator Screen content
  • Complements all our workouts
  • Full body workout
  • Great for sports grounds
  • Calisthenic equipment 
  • Resistance training
  • Cardio equipment
  • Impact absorbing flooring
  • Floor markings available
  • Charges people's phones
  • Smart tech count hits

Surfaces available

  • Black wetpour
  • Colour wetpour

More options are available



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