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Smart technology and dashboard

TGO-Smart-Energy-Hand-BikePlug into your TGO Smart gym to measure your success!

TGO Smart gyms are the only outdoor gyms with in-built measurement tools.

Every piece in our unique Energy range can be upgraded to include Smart technology. We can apply our Smart gym equipment to new or existing sites.

You get to track activity and energy generation at your TGO gym - great for evidencing your success and making the case to funders for more gyms.

And if you promote the TGO Activate App too, you'll gain further insights into demographics, wellbeing and equipment usage.


With TGO Smart, you can:

  • Collect unique quantitative insights on your outdoor gym usage:
    • the hits on TGO Smart Energy equipment at your site
    • the energy generated in kilowatt hours
  • View your TGO Smart gym data in an easy-to-use online dashboard 
  • Promote the free-to-use TGO Activate App to local gym users, to gain further insights into demographics, activity, wellbeing, popular equipment and more
  • Communicate directly with your gym users via the TGO Activate App, posting details of activities at your TGO gym, then measuring uptake. 


With TGO Smart, you can measure your campaigns to drive up physical activity, improve health and boost wellbeing.

Contact us today to discuss TGO Smart gym technology.


How to use TGO Smart?

For TGO customers, there are 3 things you need to know:

1. How to access your TGO Smart Gym online dashboard
2. How to collect data from your TGO Energy equipment with Smart module
3. How to get Smart insights via the TGO Activate App

1. How to access your TGO Smart gym online dashboard

If you've installed a TGO Smart gym, all we need to know is the location manager(s) – a colleague who visits the site regularly and is invested in the success of your project.

Please let TGO know who you have nominated by emailing with your TGO Smart gym location and your location manager details (name, role, email). We’ll then issue your login details and your dashboard manual. 


2. How to collect data from your TGO Energy equipment with Smart module

If you ordered TGO Energy equipment with a Smart module, excellent! You get unique quantitative data on user activity and energy generation.

Your data is transmitted to your online dashboard every time you scan your Smart module(s) with the TGO Activate App. We recommend you scan at least once a week to transmit the hits at your gym.

This video shows you how to collect your TGO Smart equipment data.


3. How to get Smart insights via the TGO Activate App

The TGO Activate App is a win-win for TGO gym users and customers.

  • TGO gym users can find their local gym, discover the equipment, log their workouts, share with friends and find out about TGO gym events and activities - download the App here for free
  • TGO gym customers gain user insights (displayed on the online dashboard) and communication tools to promote their activities directly to gym users. Smart features of our App for TGO gym customers include:
    • Entry survey on long term health conditions like diabetes, activity levels and wellbeing
    • Weekly survey on activity levels and wellbeing 
    • Anonymised, real-time qualitative data about TGO gym users to inform and measure local and national strategies
    • Communication tools including a platform to advertise events and classes to the community
    • A tool for TGO gym owners to bring revenue back to the space
    • A mechanism to send nudge based messages around lifestyle choices

TGO gym users, please download the TGO Activate App here.

For existing TGO gym owners, the key is to promote our App locally online and in community spaces, to encourage downloads and active use. We have free posters, social media posts, inclusive imagery, a press release template and our gym launch guide, to help you communicate far and wide. Discover more here about how to promote and launch your TGO gym to the whole community.

Once your community are using the App, TGO gym owners can view their stats on the online dashboard. Please request your dashboard login details and manual by emailing with your TGO Gym location and your location manager details (name, role, email).