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TGO Mini Range

Create your child-friendly outdoor gym

Chief Medical Officer guidelines recommend all children and young people aged 5-18 years should engage in moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity for at least 60 minutes everyday. All TGO Shortened and Mini Range products are designed with development and ability in mind to prevent over working of joints and muscle groups that should not be stressed in young bodies. Our Shortened products are also excellent for adults of a smaller stature.



Shortened Hand Bike

Mini Range

Child-friendly piece, inclusive and intuitive for wheelchair users and able-bodied people.


Shortened Leg Press

Mini Range

Smooth and intuitive, great for family-friendly spaces, builds strength in little legs!


Shortened Recumbent Bike

Mini Range

Family-friendly cardio piece, intuitive and fun, great for heart health, lung function and leg tone.


Lower Double Pull Up Bar

Mini Range

Family-friendly double station, inspires play and builds upper body strength.


Lower Parallel Bars

Mini Range

Family-friendly strength piece, inspires kids to get active through play.


Lower Overhead Ladder

Mini Range

Child-friendly and so playful, builds upper body strength and coordination.


Activity Generator

Mini Range

Family-friendly, fun spinning disc: “What activity will it land on?”


Welcome Sign

Welcomes, educates and assures gym users - instructional diagrams, trainer tips, scannable QR codes for our demo videos and App, certification and gym owner contact details.


Water Bottle Filling Station

It keeps you hydrated and also helps reduce litter and offers a sustainable solution to single use plastic bottles.

To build the most community-friendly outdoor gym, check out our ready made packages. Alternatively, click below to view all our ranges.

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