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An overview of designing, installing and maintaining your TGO Gym

Behind the scenes at TGO

Since 2007, TGO have been designing and installing TGO gyms. We're also here to help landscape architects, partners, installation teams and maintenance crews to create safe, inclusive, strong and well-cared for gyms! This video shows how we bring everything together - a TGO gym we designed and installed for Right Guard in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Here to help create the right gym for you

We understand what an important decision this has been and how a TGO gym will be the focal point to your community or your project. We also understand that every customer has a unique set of circumstances.

We have a fantastic choice of packages created from our favourites - outdoor gyms that we know work for the whole community or tailored for specific user groups. Please use the TGO gym generator tool to narrow down the types of gyms that would work well for your space, audience and budget.

Create my TGO gym shortlist

We also provide a bespoke service. We can work with you to narrow down what you want, then we will provide you with a full proposal with a visual of your proposed gym, in situ, so that you can see it before you commit. To leap frog this design process and get information now to consult and make decisions, build your TGO gym here.



Helping you create the right gym for your environment

What’s also unique about every TGO gym is the environment. If your outdoor gym is located next to the sea, then you will need a coastal spec. TGO gyms can be installed on a variety of outdoor spaces. We tend to install on to grass or hardstanding areas like tennis courts.  We fix the equipment into the ground using ground anchors. On the top layer we create a safer surfacing. TGO gyms come with a variety of surfaces to choose from – mulch, wetpour, grass matting or tarmac. The choice of surface can make your outdoor gym really stand out, adding huge value to the new fitness space.



Helping architects

For architects, you will need all the DWG files and CADs to incorporate into your designs. You will also need our product cards, data sheets and images of each piece. Please visit our Design page to get these, where you can read all our design tips too. 



TGO has installation guidelines. With our global partners, we can cover most countries for installation. If you choose to install the gym yourself, this is ok - but it is important to stick to all our installation guidelines and ensure the gym is signed off by a RPII inspector at the end in compliance with EN16630. The maintenance manual works in conjunction with the TGO product cards.

Download the TGO gym installation manual here.



TGO gyms are designed to be low maintenance but to validate our warranty, the gym must be maintained.

There are two types of maintenance – daily/ weekly routine and quarterly services. Both are vital. For example in the daily/weekly routine, the gym needs to be cleaned. This is important to remove salt deposits if the area is saline and to keep the gym hygienic. This light check also involves general safety checks. The quarterly maintenance is more in depth for each piece, ensuring all bolts are tightened and that the functionality is in good working order for every piece of equipment.

Download our maintenance manual here.