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Promote and launch your TGO gym

Our guide to flying starts

If you’ve just ordered your TGO gym or you’re soon to do so – thank you so much. Here are our top tools and tips to hit the ground running with your TGO gym.



Get your free TGO gym launch guide

As you head towards your TGO gym installation, please contact us using the form below (scroll down) – tell us in the enquiry field that you'd like the TGO gym launch guide. This will help you plan the most inclusive launch communications and an inspiring launch event. 

Our top 3 tips for promotion and launch are:

1. Start communications early 

TGO-Activate-posterBefore your outdoor gym goes in the ground, you can spread the word with our inclusive posters, social media images and post suggestions, our TGO Activate App and website listings, banner artwork and more.

2. Plan a fun and energetic launch 

Give yourself at least 6-8 weeks to plan your opening. Our launch guide walks you every step of the process with launch format ideas and project management milestones. 


3. Be really inclusive and welcoming 

Our guide and resources will help you tailor messages and launch content towards beginners to exercise and inactive groups, older people, fitness elites, families, school groups, GPs, patients with lifestyle-related diseases, sports clubs, local businesses, politicians and local media. 

Launch inspiration from St Piers School and College, Young Epilepsy


Promote your TGO gym to your community

TGO-Gym-launch-Right-GuardFrom installing and launching over 1500 outdoor gyms worldwide, we know that people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities love to be invited to join in.

These are the key stakeholders to communicate with from the pre-installation phase to launch and beyond:

  • GP surgeries, hospitals, healthcare practitioners (physiotherapists, chiropractors, PTs etc)
  • Fitness groups and sports clubs
  • TGO-Gym-launchSchools, colleges and universities
  • Community centres and cafes
  • Voluntary sector organisations
  • Local residents and businesses (within a 10 minute walk of the gym)
  • Politicians, the mayor and other community leaders
  • Local media – radio, newspaper, TV, magazines, bloggers
  • What’s on groups – community Facebook pages and websites

To help you spread the word fast to these groups, we’ve created the TGO Activate App and TGO gym promo kit (scroll down for details). These resources are free – designed to appeal to different age groups, activity levels and health/ wellbeing needs.



Promo inspiration from The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy: 'Work out at work day' 


Your TGO gym promo kit includes:

  • TGO-Activate-poster-MarvinTGO gym launch guide
  • TGO Activate A4 posters – 5 versions with inclusive imagery
  • Social media posts & images – sized for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • TGO press release template 
  • TGO gym launch project plan
  • Free gym listing on TGO Activate App and TGO website
  • Key messages for your launch speeches 
  • Artwork for banners, pull ups and fences
  • TGO Big Community Workout suggestion card

TGO gym owners, please contact us using the form below. Please ask your free TGO Gym promo kit in the enquiry field.


Contact form
For sales enquiries:

You can request to have your data removed at any time.


Launch your TGO gym

TGO-Gyms-LaunchFrom 1500 outdoor gym projects, we know that a TGO Gym launch event inspires local involvement and ownership – it’s one of the best ways to start.  

The key to an effective launch is planning ahead – give yourself at least 6-8 weeks. Invite local stakeholders. Attract positive media coverage. Let everyone know their TGO gym has arrived, how to use it and that it’s free.

You don’t need to go overboard or spend loads of money on your launch – please contact us for our TGO gym launch guide for all our ideas and resources.

Beyond your launch event, the best way to energise your TGO gym is with an activation plan – click here for TGO’s activation tips, tools and training.


Launch inspiration from Sir George Monoux College and Stella Creasy MP:


Promotion and launch inspiration from adidas and TGO:


Promotion inspiration from Hull City Council, TGO and CNN: