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Classes and programmes

Instructor-led physiotherapy, personal training and family-friendly sessions - designed for TGO outdoor gym equipment and spaces

We've launched which hosts our classes and programmes, tailored for our diverse user groups to complete on our outdoor gyms or in the great outdoors. We are working with experts including Kesson Physio, Marvin Ambrosius (Sky TV Fit in 5), Rob Lindley (Firefighter Fit Kids) and more. 


There will be something for everyone including:

  • Complete beginners to exercise - inactive people who want the right instruction to take the first steps towards a healthier, more active and fun lifestyle
  • Active and very active people - we'll show you how to get the most from TGO Gym equipment, improve your technique and build in greater challenge
  • People with chronic health conditions - our expert physios lead programmes designed for people with chronic pain, mobility issues, osteoarthrities, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, depression and anxiety
  • People starting or returning to activity after an injury, operation or fall - physio-led courses to rebuild your physical fitness and strength
  • Families who want to get active together - kids, teenagers, Mums, Dads, grandparents, great-grandparents, the dog!
  • Pregnant and postnatal Mums - to keep physically active and mentally strong during this transformational period in your life
  • Older people who want to take proactive steps - to improve balance, muscle strength, bone density, reduce their risk of falls and prevent disease onset
  • Groups looking for motivational and teambuilding activities - including employers, events organisers, club members and friendship groups

All TGO classes and programmes are currently available via TGO Actiavte website with instructional videos and downloadable course content.



TGO in 10 minutes with Marvin Ambrosius

While we get all our classes and programmes online for you, here's a great 10 minute workout with TGO Activator Marvin Ambrosius. We put this together just before the UK coronavirus lockdown, to help people keep active and boost immunity in their own homes. Marvin is a great inspiration to us: he transformed his own health and physical fitness, going from obese to becoming a personal trainer to presenting Sky TV's Fit in 5. If he can do it, we can do it!

You can do Marvin's 10 minute class anywhere: at home, in the garden or in your local park. Marvin's designed this session for all levels. You can set your own pace in his main workout and there's a warm up and cool down to ease you in and out. If you're doing it with a group of people, remember to keep at least 2 metres apart and make the most of the outdoor space.