TGO's goal is to provide you with a sustainable solution that drives up physical activity, wellbeing and community spirit and pays for its own upkeep and refurbishment as well as providing evidence to demonstrate these outcomes.
By training local volunteers to become TGO Activators, we can create a free Big Community Workout on the space and other classes. To register, download the TGO Activate App!

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With over 1500 gyms worldwide you are bound to find a TGO gym near you!

TGO is excited to present a multifaceted activation tool for local authorities to transform outdoor spaces into sustainable activation spaces helping more people get active.
TGO activate is an app targeted at the community to encourage people to increase their minutes of physical activity through useful features like logging and tracking, events and social media tools. Even more interestingly it works even harder for the Place,  producing sample survey data alongside our smart data from TGO gyms to capture the community’s activity levels, wellbeing and activity choices.

TGO activate provides great features for Place:

  • Surveys people on entry for long term health conditions like Diabetes

  • Surveys people on entry for activity levels and wellbeing

  • Surveys people on a weekly basis on their activity levels and wellbeing feeding into a Place dashboard

  • A communication tool between place and the people

  • A platform to advertise events and classes to the community

  • A tool to bring revenue back to the space (once activated)

  • A mechanism to send nudge based messages around lifestyle choices

Benefits of the app to the place:

  • Gives the place useful anonymised qualitative data about the gym users

  • The app data populates the dashboard

  • The app gives the Place a way to engage with the audience

  • Real time data that can be aligned to key local and national strategies and plans

  • The app surveys users and so cuts out expensive monitoring and evaluation

Great for the community
TGO activate helps people find their local gym, see what equipment the gym has, what’s on and promote the gym to friends. It encourages people to do up to 150 minutes of movement per week and surveys users each week to see how they get on and how they are feeling. The app makes the gym more fun as the signage is scannable to log and track their workouts.​

  • Find a gym – map based, list based and loads nearest gyms wherever you are

  • In built QR scanner to scan smart signs to help people log and track

  • Personal tracker for individual to log and track their minutes of physical activity

  • Promotional tools to encourage users to share their progress with friends on social media

  • If the gym is activated features also includes - the user can register for an event or sign up to classes on the gym

Benefits of the app to the community:

  • Connects communities via physical activity

  • Helps people find a gym and what's in it and on  it

  • Ensures their value and usage of the space is captured and recorded by the place

  • Promotes 150 minutes of physical activity

  • Encourages social connectedness through sharing posts and events

  • Demonstrates people's wellbeing and mental health

  • Gives people key information about the gym

  • Helps people log and track their movement




The dashboard works in conjunction with the ‘Smart Gym’ and Activate app, providing invaluable insights for gym owners via a desktop outdoor gym dashboard. Site owners can measure user demographics, equipment usage, activity levels, wellbeing indicators and rolling survey data gathered from our Activate app. Hits are recorded on smart pieces, and all qualitative and quantitative information is triangulated to measure how the activation is doing. If you want something to increase – measure it!










TGO Activate App also promotes events like Big Community Workouts, and enables people to register on after filling out their PARQ.  Each gym comes with its own events section on the dashboard where places can rota in activities and classes to generate revenue for future upgrades and maintenance as well as charity.

To register for a BCW near you, download the TGO Activate App!