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Family-friendly strength piece, inspires kids to get active through play

Chief Medical Officer guidelines recommend all children and young people aged 5-18 years should engage in moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity for at least 60 minutes every day. All TGO Shortened and Mini range products are designed with development and ability in mind, to prevent over working of joints and muscle groups that should not be stressed in young bodies. This is also a good piece for older children and adults of a smaller stature.

Used regularly, this equipment helps to build upper body strength (especially shoulders, arms and back) - but mostly, younger children will see this piece through playful eyes, a chance to experiment along side family members and have fun. Install the full size Parallel Bars along side for intergenerational activity and even friendly competitions! Mum, Dad and the grandparents can build full body strength and improve balance, while kids get to swing and play!


  • Designed to Olympic standard width
  • Strong build with thick steel to give high viability interaction points
  • Multiple exercises to challenge active and very active people
  • Supports lower body physio exercises 
  • Intuitive uses for children and young people


  • Key callisthenics piece
  • Versatile, offering excellent variety and progression
  • Supports gymnastics
  • Builds upper body strength, particularly shoulders, arms, back
  • Core strength and leg exercises, feet on and off the ground
  • Provides stability to practise lower body physio exercises outdoors
  • Fun and playful for children and young people

Product details


  1. 100% Made in Britain
  2. Safety compliant to BSI PAS888 (legacy standard) for ALL ages, users and non-users but specifically to protect users of small stature and young people under 1.4m tall.
  3. All TGO outdoor gym equipment is free from exposed end stops, entrapments, sharp edges and crush points.

Production details

Manufacturer Standard: Safety compliant to BSI PAS888 (legacy standard) for ALL ages, users and non-users but specifically to protect users of small stature and young people under 1.4m tall.

Framework: Mild Steel Grade S275 or Stainless Steel Grade 316 (min 3mm thick)

Finish: E coat primer then High quality gloss finish polyester powder coat paint

Enhanced corrosion protection

An enhanced corrosion protection is available on request for this product.
Hot dip galvanising is the process TGO use to add a protective coating to the body of our products on our equipment in coastal areas, which have higher air salinity or in harsh urban and industrial atmospheres with higher sulphur dioxide pollution*.

The upgrade includes:

  • Upgrading to hot dip galvanising
  • Fixings are upgraded from A2 to A4 stainless steel

*An upgrade to galvanised steel will be necessary for the warranty in these environments.


The dimensions given are the minimum requirement for regular ground conditions & may need to be amended for made up or soft ground. TGO have identified that this product can all be installed using a 400mm x 400mm x 850mm concrete pad, located centrally about the Post.

Note: There is no surface mounting option for the static post range


This product requires 1.5m of clear space around the equipment (green outline).

  • Falling height: 0.8m
  • Clear Space: 18.7m²

There is no safer surface requirement and therefore TGO only recommend a minimal surface area (grey outline).

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