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Full body strength and tone centrepiece, all fitness levels, great for the whole family - a star attraction!

Inspired by the indoor scene, our Rig offers multiple workouts to individual users, families and trainers. 

The Monkey Bars and Ladders offer multiple exercise options to train grip strength, forearms, lats and core.

The Dip Station allows progression from beginner to intermediate and advanced - dips are a great exercise for the chest and arms.

The Multi-Grip Chin Up Bars are excellent for building strength in the lats and biceps.

The Snake Leg is useful for attaching resistance bands. These are great for shoulder prehab exercises which are essential for strengthening the shoulder girdle. Internal rotation, external rotation, I’s, T’s & Y’s are all great exercises for anyone who plays racket sports or whose sport involves a lot of overhead throwing, striking or lifting. 

The Leg Raise offer great activities for the core and abdominal muscle groups.

The Plyometric Platform is used as a key tool in many sports to develop speed and power. This platforms can be used to jump or step up and down, depending on the user's fitness level and mobility.


  • 5ft and 6ft pull ups
  • Over 11 people can use this product at one time
    Includes: Swedish rail, multi functional stretch and flexibility station, monkey bars, dips station, narrow and wide pull up station, step up station, leg raise station and multi functional ladder station
  • Gym attachments can be added
  • Assisted step
  • Generous proportions
  • Inclusive


  • Great centrepiece with something for everyone in the community
  • Full body strength and tone workout
  • Cardio activities 
  • Family-friendly
  • Inspires active and very active people to keep coming back
  • Playful and intuitive uses for beginners and the exercise-curious
  • Good transition piece for older children
  • Excellent value

Product details


  1. 100% Made in Britain
  2. Certified to EN16630. All TGO outdoor gym equipment is free from exposed end stops, entrapments, sharp edges and crush points.
  3. Weatherproof
  4. Low maintenance
  5. Designs include key elements of Inclusive Fitness Initiative guidelines
  6. TGO plant a tree in the NHS Forest for every piece of equipment sold
  7. Anti vandal fixings
  8. Available in all major RAL colours
  9. Paint UV stabilised
  10. Welds certified to EN15015614
  11. Powder coated finish


This product is installed 550mm directly into the ground. Please refer to the PDF below for safety spacing.


This product requires 1.7 of clear space around the equipment (green outline).

  • Falling height: 1.77m
  • Clear Space: 58.25m²

Parts list (delivery will be palletised)

2 x Palletts




Various rig components

L3100 x W2000 x H1500



Various rig components

L2400 x W1200 x H1500