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Augment Reality Tool

What would a TGO outdoor gym look like in your space?

Are you interested in finding out what one of our gyms would look like in your park or open space? We have an augment reality (AR) tool that can help!

Buying an outdoor gym often involves getting a lot of people to agree to the plan. Explaining the vision can be tricky but we have a solution.

Our free to use augment reality tool allows you to bring in a selection of gyms into your park using your phone.

Benefits of using our augment reality tool

  • Customise: Select colours, flooring, add people
  • Create screen shots of our different gym packages in your space to show others
  • See the gym space and get a sense of the space it will take up
  • Walk around the gym using your phone creating a virtual tour
  • Take a screen grab or recording and share online to get your community to buy in
  • Work with us to get a price 

How does it work? 

  1. Browse and select a package below
  2. Wait for the 3D model to load
  3. Select colours, flooring, people
  4. Click AR and your camera will load your place and the gym
  5. It will load to scale
  6. Reposition it by touching the screen  (don’t pinch as it will scale it down)
  7. Take a screen grab or recording and share with your colleagues or community
  8. Contact us to book a meeting to discuss your project and prices

What sets TGO apart

1. TGO gyms are safer
2. TGO gyms are stronger
3. TGO gyms are more sustainable
4. TGO gyms are smarter
5. TGO gyms are more inclusive 
6. TGO gyms are more family friendly
7. TGO gyms are activation friendlier 
8. TGO gyms cater for all fitness abilities
9. TGO gyms come with the most experience
10. TGO gyms are the best value on the market

The top 10 reasons to go TGO


Build a gym

Take our quick quiz to create your ideal outdoor fitness space!

We have many different TGO gyms to suit your space, budget, target audience, project goals and activation plans. Use our build a gym tool to refine your selection, get a shortlist of the best spaces for you and present clear information to colleagues and community members.