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TGO’s integrated, easy to understand signage is second to none.

TGO signage features start and finish diagrams, fitness tips and advice, certification logos and scannable QR codes to view our ‘How to use’ videos demonstrated by TGO Trainers. All this guidance allows users to exercise with confidence, assured that they are working out safely and getting the most out of their activity sessions.

Our welcome sign comes with:

  • Welcome to the gym message & contact details for site owner
  • Instructional diagrams for equipment
  • Trainer tips with scannable QR code to connect to TGO's YouTube library, packed full of short video clips with trainer demonstrations
  • QR code to download TGO Activate App for gym users to track and share their activity and wellbeing
  • TGO social media links

TGO equipment signage includes:

  • Instructional guidance on usage (in at least 12 - 14pt font size for visually impaired), exercise benefits, handy tips and training techniques
  • Appropriate disclaimers and waiver notices


  • Links to TGO Activate App and YouTube training videos
  • Site information
  • Certificates
  • Social media links


  • QR coded workout videos
  • Inclusive for all fitness levels, abilities and ages
  • Makes workouts more satisfying and fun
  • Welcomes people in to the space

Product details


  1. 100% Made in Britain 
  2. Certified to EN16630, (legacy standards, BSI PAS888 - safety compliant for ALL ages, users and non-users & DIN79000 - safety compliant for users, aged 14+). All TGO outdoor gym equipment is free from exposed end stops, entrapments and sharp edges
  3. Weatherproof
  4. Low maintenance
  5. Designs include key elements of Inclusive Fitness Initiative guidelines
  6. TGO plant a tree in the NHS Forest for every piece of equipment sold
  7. Anti vandal fixings
  8. Available in all major RAL colours
  9. Paint UV stabilised
  10. Welds certified to EN15015614
  11. Powder coated finish

Production details

Manufacturer Standard: EN16630 (legacy standards - PAS888, Din79000)

Post and Plate: Mild Steel Grade S275 or Stainless Steel Grade 316 (min 3mm thick)

Finish: E coat primer then High quality gloss finish polyester powder coat paint

Signage Plate: High quality reverse printed PETG

Enhanced corrosion protection

An enhanced corrosion protection is available on request for this product. Hot dip galvanising is the process TGO use to add a protective coating to the body of our products on our equipment in coastal areas, which have higher air salinity or in harsh urban and industrial atmospheres with higher sulphur dioxide pollution*.
The upgrade includes:

  • Upgrading to hot dip galvanising
  • Fixings are upgraded from A2 to A4 stainless steel

*An upgrade to galvanised steel will be necessary for the warranty in these environments.


The dimensions given are the minimum requirement for regular ground conditions & may need to be amended for made up or soft ground. Due to the low physical nature of the TGO889 Sign Post, TGO have identified that this product can all be installed using only a 300mm x 300mm x 350mm concrete pad, located centrally about the TGO889 Sign Post. The Concrete pad starts at the ground surface.


NOTE: There is no surface mounting option for TGO889 Sign Post.


This product requires 1.5m of clear space around the equipment (green outline). There is no safer surface requirement and therefore TGO only recommend a minimal surface area (grey outline).