We are on a mission to provide every community with free to use outdoor gyms. We believe movement is one of the best medicines to prevent lifestyle related diseases and illnesses like Type 2 Diabetes.

Georgie and Matt, the founders

THE NEXT GENERATION OF outdoor fitness equipment

We are a family business manufacturing in the UK. We pioneered the concept here in the UK and lead the outdoor gym standard internationally. We have over 1500 outdoor gyms in local parks, parishes as well as in the Olympic park, London and near Bondi beach Australia.

Our products are the greenest, safest and strongest on the market and now we are smart too!

Greener - we ​plant a tree for every piece we install and we harness people power and generate electricity whilst you workout!

Stronger -  designed and made in the UK, we care about quality

Safer - we have led on standards and believe we have the only community friendly range. We don't believe in exclusions!

Smarter - We have new technology in our gyms that count hits and works in conjunction with our app TGO activate giving site owners a picture of usage.

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Going smart

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Green Movement

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TGO outdoor gym equipment is smart 

TGO is pleased to launch it’s new ‘smart’ outdoor gym range. Click the button below for more details.

This revolutionary range (that is totally unique to TGO) actually captures usage data via in-build smart technology and Bluetooth receivers. This usage data is then fed back to the customer providing valuable insight into how many times the gym equipment is being used.


The TGO activate app enables users to find their local TGO gym and encourages them to log and track their workouts, recording their progress to achieving their 150 minutes of physical activity per week.


The TGO activate app also interacts with the gym signage and also then captures user data that is also sent back to the customer dashboard.

TGO is activating

We are on a mission to build greater and more active communities around TGO gyms. We are now activating gyms creating Big Community Workouts for all the family to participate in each week, for free, run by local people trained and qualified by us.

TGO cares

We have a big green heart for the environment and believe that we should give back as much if not more than we take. We plant trees for every piece we install, we generate electricity with our cardio pieces and we manufacture in Britain to make a long lasting product. We also encourage litter picking around our gyms on our Big Community Workouts. 

We are economically sustainable too. For the cost of one leisure centre, TGO could activate 1000 communities reaching out to approximately five million people.

All TGOgether we can help beat Diabetes, Obesity, Heart Disease and loneliness without it costing the earth. 

So why not join the green movement and get in touch with us today.

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When designing a gym, it is good practice to have a range of workouts, typically picked a couple for each: cardio, toning and strength. Find out more on our products and why customers love TGO gyms.




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