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Improve muscular and aerobic conditioning, balance, agility and coordination - an inspiring space for community parks and schools.

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A great all round gym, including Calisthenic rig, supports a wide variety of body weight exercises including pull ups, muscle ups, human flag inclusive exercises and power smart hand bike, which serves to warm up, charge your phone and count the hits. 


  • Beginners through to advanced
  • Popular callisthenics kit
  • Space for trainers
  • Inclusive kit for wheelchair users
  • Energy-generating
  • Smart technology to measure gym hits

No. of Users - 22+


Minimum Area - 8m x 10.5m​

Minimum Surfacing - 78m²


Running track - 21m²

Equipment list

  • Power Smart Hand Bike
  • Chest Press/Seated Row
  • Parallel Bars
  • Plyometric Boxes
  • Calisthenics Rig
  • Sit and Reach Test
  • Long Jump
  • Mini Track

Also Features:

  • Ring rope climb
  • Swedish rail pull up on square 
  • Climb benches
  • Cardio energy generating equipment
  • Impact absorbing flooring
  • Floor markings available 
  • Charges people's phones
  • Smart tech counts hits

Surfaces available

  • Grass matting
  • Mulch
  • Black wetpour
  • Colour wetpour

More options are available



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