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Inspired by callisthenics and street gym, this outdoor fitness space encourages multigenerational interaction with opportunities for all fitness levels to participate and progress.

Package details


This package was inspired to create opportunities for callisthenics and street gym as well as to encourage multigenerational interaction. The space welcomes people new to exercise and allows them to build strength and progress to high fitness levels. Functional floor markings and the layout of equipment make it ideal for fitness groups and families too.


  • Inclusive
  • Family-friendly
  • Energy-generating
  • Smart technology
  • Callisthenics
  • Space for trainers

No. of Users - 16+


Minimum Area - 9.2m x 9.7m​

Minimum Surfacing - 93m²

Equipment list

  • Cross Trainer
  • Spinning Bike
  • Smart Energy Hand Bike
  • Kenguru Callisthenics Unit K-004
  • Kenguru Workout Desk K-011
  • Kenguru Parallel Bars K-010
  • Kenguru Inclined Abs Bench K-023
  • Welcome Sign

Surfaces available

  • Grass matting 
  • Mulch
  • Black wetpour
  • Colour wetpour

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