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A flowing circuit for inactive people through to elites, featuring 3 energy-generating cardio stations to charge phones, family-friendly activities, great potential for trainers and Smart technology to measure gym hits!

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Our Smart and inclusive Circuit Gym offers something for everyone from inactive people right through to super-active elites. There are 3 Smart energy-generating stations, where users get an excellent cardiovascular workout and charge their phones, whilst gym owners measure gym usage and kilowatt hours generated! Our Circuit Gym is family-friendly too with playful activities including our handstand wall, leapfrog squares and Plyometric Boxes. The space provides trainers with great circuits for individual sessions, community classes and spin off activities. A great outdoor gym for progression too with challenging strength and callisthenics kit. All in all, the Circuit Gym is an amazing hub for community health and wellbeing.


  • Energy-generating
  • Family-friendly
  • Inclusive activities (including wheelchair accessible Energy Hand Bike)
  • Smart technology (measuring gym hits and energy generated)
  • Class space
  • Playful activities
  • Trainer-friendly
  • Circuits for all fitness levels
  • Challenge for elites

No. of Users - 30+


Minimum Area - 15m x 11m​

Minimum Surfacing - 152m²

Equipment list

  • Smart Energy Hand Bike
  • Smart Energy Cross Trainer
  • Smart Energy Spinning Bike
  • Chest Press/ Seated Row
  • Pull Up/ Assisted Pull Up
  • Plyometric Boxes
  • Lat Pull Down/Shoulder Press
  • Parallel Bars
  • Class Space/ Yoga
  • Leapfrog/ Squat Spheres
  • Handstand/ Community Activity Info Wall
  • Fitness Markings
  • Welcome Sign

Surfaces available

  • Tarmac
  • Black wetpour
  • Colour wetpour

More options are available



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