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Greenest greatest gyms – Nominated to The Earthshot Prize

Greenest greatest gyms – Nominated to Earthshot prize

The University of East Anglia has nominated The Great Outdoor Gym Company to The Earthshot Prize 2024.

A small indoor gym consumes 60,000 kilowatts per year. The Great Outdoor Gym Company’s (TGO) Greenest Greatest gym solution for The Earthshot 2024 Prize does not consume power, it generates power, plants trees, removes ocean plastic and harnesses people power! With investment, each Activate ‘Earthshot’ gym will support people in the road to net zero and away from lifestyle diseases towards their strongest versions of themselves.

The Great Outdoor Gym Company (TGO) is a worldwide pioneer and export champion for outdoor gyms, manufacturing and installing over 2,500 from London to Sydney. TGO is a pioneering business run by a female entrepreneur, Georgie Delaney MBE.

TGO gyms are an energy saving workout solution as well as an energy generating solution. In 2012, TGO installed its first energy generating gym, harnessing people power for phone charging and lighting. TGO’s latest Power smart range generates power through a bespoke contactless motor, has variable resistance and can charge phones, tie back to the grid or store energy locally.

TGO has self-funded its R&D, always with the goal of creating the greenest greatest gym chain. TGO has developed an app as well as a courses and classes platform, but this has been difficult and slower to do without investment. TGO’s energy generating range has been featured at COP21, COP22, DIY SOS, Blue Peter, Grand Designs and The Chelsea Flower Show.

TGO’s solution targets the problem of climate change at the heart – with people. Living in the Anthropocene, TGO aims to harness people power for good. Winning The Earthshot Prize would give TGO the investment needed to fully realise the potential of its gyms for people and planet, in time for net zero goals.

TGO’s greenest greatest gym chain concept would draw on all the experience to date and develop some of the tech to enhance user experience and efficiencies, activating the full potential of people power.

Georgie Delaney, MBE, Co-founder and CEO, has a background in Design qualifying from UCL and Milan with a First in Industrial Design.

Georgie says We have the most scalable gym model and we want to pivot this to help people achieve a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.’

If we were to win The Earthshot Prize, we estimate in three years having 300 ‘Activate Earthshot’ gyms set up generating 9000 kilowatt hours a day = 3285000 kwh per year. By 2030, we would aim to provide 10,000,000 people with a convenient way to get active and reduce their carbon footprint by at least 50%.'

Dr Natalie Porter, ClimateUEA Executive Officer, said: “We are very excited to have nominated The Great Outdoor Gym Company’s Greenest Greatest gym solution to The Earthshot Prize as we believe this concept has great potential to bring many environmental and social benefits to communities around the world and to the planet. UEA is also very pleased to be championing environmental solutions which are led and informed by women.”

Our biggest thanks goes out to The University of East Anglia who nominated TGO for this prize and believe in our mission and concept. Thank you! You can find out more about their nominations here.


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  02 January 2024

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