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Residents can keep active at new outdoor gym in Barton

Residents can keep active at new outdoor gym in Barton

Baysgarth Park in Barton is now home to a new state-of-the-art outdoor gym that will enable local people to improve their health and wellbeing in the beautiful surroundings of the park. 

Around £70,000 has been invested in the all-inclusive gym including equipment that is beneficial for cardio and resistance workouts. Wheelchair users can use the equipment. 

The innovative equipment that uses smart technology allows users to measure performance and progress, as well as recognising effective strength and conditioning needs from users. 

A water refill station has been installed alongside the gym to keep users and visitors to the park hydrated. 

Cllr David Rose, cabinet member for environment and strategic planning, said: “I am delighted to see further investment in Baysgarth Park to benefit the whole community, keeping them safe and well. The gym is free, family friendly and can be used by people of all abilities."
“Not only is the gym great for improving physical activity and wellbeing, but it is also beneficial for the environment. By doing even just 10 minutes of exercise a day can make a difference and help prevent long term conditions.”

Designed and manufactured by The Great Outdoor Gym Company (TGO), the outdoor gym features safe and inclusive equipment. There are cardio and strength activities for beginners through to exercise pros – and even better, it’s all free to use.  
Take a spin on the unique TGO Energy equipment, which generates electricity to charge devices – don’t forget to bring your USB lead.
All equipment comes with instructional signage – including start and finish diagrams and QR codes to watch demonstration videos.

Georgie Delaney, Co-Founder and Joint Managing Director at TGO, said: "There’s something for everyone at the TGO Gym. By making physical activity part of everyday life, we call all reduce our risk of developing major lifestyle-related illnesses including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and certain cancers. Regular physical activity in the outdoors can also help to prevent and manage common mental illnesses including depression and anxiety.”


TGO have since recieved wonderful feedback from the customer Andy Tate, Principal Neighbourhoods Officer:
"North Lincolnshire Council are delighted with the outdoor gym installation at Baysgarth Park in Barton. The project was funded through the Landfill Communities Fund and went through a competitive procurement process to determine the successful organisation. The Great Outdoor Gym Company have delivered a first class product with full communication throughout the installation period. We were particularly impressed with the flexibility and capability to deal with variations, including additional paths, installation of football posts and connecting a water refill station, which complements the gym.

The early signs are very positive with the local community. We have seen high usage across the full age spectrum and praise about the quality and range of equipment provided."

  22 April 2022

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