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TGO showcase their green outdoor gym concept at Formula E Championships London

TGO showcase their green outdoor gym concept at Formula E Championships London

TGO, the UK pioneer of outdoor gyms were proud to be a part of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship, and feature in the Allianz E-Village - a race-day festival of exploration technology and innovation.

The E-Village has been a key part of Formula E events - bringing up to 40,000 fans a day at each race closer to their on-track heroes and future technologies set for the road and beyond...

During 30th-31st July 2022 TGO gyms and TGO activate were showcasing their green gym concept – a gym combining cardio equipment that generates power with calisthenics to provide a community friendly facility for parks worldwide to activate a healthy people, healthy planet vision. TGO activate had its local heroes on the stand too showcasing the best of calisthenics, teaching people how to use the static equipment, whilst the TGO team, were challenging families to an energy challenge on the cardio pieces:  The power smart range generates up to 100 watts per piece. TGO gyms has a patented power smart system that it is looking to roll out where the energy is stored and then fed back into the grid. For every kilowatt generated, TGO can sell that energy to the grid and plant a tree. At the show 500 trees were generated through the tree challenge set and TGO doubled that amount to sponsor a 1000 formula E trees which will be planted in Kenya with the Eden Reforestation Project. TGO has planted over 50,000 trees so far.


Images: (Left) TGO Power Smart Handbike being used (Right) Interactive plant a tree game shown on screen.

TGO’s healthy people, healthy planet vision:
• Humanity is at critical moment – we are living unsustainably; we are overconsuming leading to lifestyle diseases and climate change. We must evolve to protect ourselves and the planet. We need to move more, consume less, eat more sustainably, and protect nature.
• Our solution is creating TGO gyms in the centre of each community to drive up health through the power of movement and teach people to look after their health and the planet too. Our gyms plant trees, generate power, educate about health and fitness, and bring communities together.
• By 2030 we need to have halved our emissions. Now it is critical to support and train people to be healthy, strong, and sustainable citizens.

Image: Graphics and screen used as part of the interactive experience.

The Power Smart range is TGO’s newest range – an upgrade to the world’s first green energy generating outdoor gyms that is great for physical health, mental wellbeing, community spirit and our beautiful planet too. The equipment captures human energy and converts it to useable electricity; from charging your phone to powering nearby lighting. The upgrade now also includes our new SMART technology with in-built measurement tools. The gym owner get to track activity and energy generation at the TGO gym - great for evidencing your success and making the case to funders for more gyms. Find out more about TGO's smart technology here.

And if you promote the free TGO Activate App too, which finds your nearest gym and allows you to log and track your workout, the gym owner will gain further insights into demographics, wellbeing and equipment usage. Download the TGO activate app now here.


Images: TGO Power Smart Handbikes

TGO would also like to give a big thank you to Spiro ( for choosing TGO to partner with to create such an inspiring stand for such an amazing event to be enjoyed by all.


Image: E-gym Activation stand in the Allianz E-Village created in partnership with Spiro.

TGO believe movement is the best form of medicine and can help us all live our best lives. Sustainability starts with ourselves and choosing a healthier lifestyle. Visit for free classes and courses for all abilities to get moving in the great outdoors.

If you saw us over the weekend, share with us how many trees you planted, not forgetting the hashtags #loveTGO #TGOtree #ABBFormulaE #VirtualAllianzEVillage


  30 July 2022

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