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Static equipment

Amazing value, high function, low maintenance TGO kit

Build muscle strength and tone, improve cardiovascular fitness and boost mental wellbeing with TGO's inclusive static outdoor gym equipment, which welcomes beginners and offers challenge for active and elite users.

  • Our Rig is a star attraction for the whole family - an inclusive, full-body strength and tone centrepiece with a cardio station too
  • Our Single, Double or Triple Pull Up Bar will attract strength and callisthenics fans, offering active people and elites in your community the right level of challenge
  • Our Parallel Bars are super-inclusive, facilitating lower body physio exercises to improve balance and leg strength. They're also a magnet for active people, to increase upper body strength
  • Choose our space-saving Triple Step Up or Plyometric Boxes for super affordable cardio with in-built progression
  • Choose any of our Lower pieces to involve younger kids and promote family fun.



Full body strength and tone centrepiece, all fitness levels, an inter-generational star attraction!


Plyometric Boxes

Beginners, elites and families, step or jump for cardio health, then tone and strengthen upper body.


Overhead Ladder

Increase upper body strength with challenge and play built in - fun for the whole family, low maintenance too.



Family-friendly toning piece, core strength classic with full body tone and strength activities, all fitness levels.


Parallel Bars

Beginners to elites, builds upper body strength and supports lower body physio exercises.


Dips/ Leg Raise

An inclusive strength workout for upper body, core and legs in one low maintenance unit.


Single Pull Up Bar

Build upper body strength with this low maintenance space saver.


Double Pull Up Bar

Upper body strength builder, double station with two height variations.


Triple Pull Up Bar

An active people magnet for upper body strength, three height variations.



Our low, mid and high parallette bars offer a full body workout for all levels - dips, leg raises, push ups and handstands.


Triple Step Up

All ages, step and jump to it! Cardio for beginners to elites, low maintenance.


Lower Overhead Ladder

Child-friendly and so playful, builds upper body strength and coordination.


Lower Parallel Bars

Family-friendly strength piece, inspires kids to get active through play.


Lower Double Pull Up Bar

Family-friendly double station, inspires play and builds upper body strength.


Welcome Sign

Welcomes, educates and assures gym users - instructional diagrams, trainer tips, scannable QR codes for our demo videos and App, certification and gym owner contact details.

What sets TGO apart

1. TGO gyms are safer
2. TGO gyms are stronger
3. TGO gyms are more sustainable
4. TGO gyms are smarter
5. TGO gyms are more inclusive 
6. TGO gyms are more family friendly
7. TGO gyms are activation friendlier 
8. TGO gyms cater for all fitness abilities
9. TGO gyms come with the most experience
10. TGO gyms are the best value on the market

The top 10 reasons to go TGO