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Our Covid-19 pop-up shop for outdoor gyms

Covid-19 guidance at TGO Gyms

In the UK, outdoor gyms can now reopen. Here's how to do it safely. 

Outdoor gyms are of great benefit to the community helping people stay fit and well, boosting immunity. In anticipation of outdoor gyms reopening soon, TGO has created a one stop shop for you!

We have produced this guide for site owners and a special pop up shop for you to purchase our virus-busting products, to enable you keep your outdoor gym as safe as possible.

TGO-GymsPhysical activity, stress relief and vitamin D are all very positive ways to boost immunity. Outdoor gyms help drive down lifestyle-related diseases, improving physical and mental health. It is vital we build on the rise of daily outdoor exercise. Providing adequate protection and increasing cleaning regimes with effective products is therefore the best approach to enabling people to start to use outdoor gyms again safely.

Guidance for reopening outdoor gyms – for the site owner

The UK government has given permission for outdoor gyms to reopen from Saturday 4th July onwards. It is important to move forward with due diligence, ensuring the gym is a safe and reassuring environment.

Planning, cleaning, sanitisation for users and spacing are all key considerations. Please follow national guidelines. Here’s what we recommend too:

Overall planning

TGO-GymsPublish an action plan that details the plans for re-opening sites safely and the steps being taken and making this visible on various platforms (council website, social channels, on site). Consider risk assessments and roles and responsibilities.

Daily cleaning regime

Whilst coronavirus still poses a health risk, we recommend that the gym is cleaned regularly, daily ideally. The site owner is responsible for ensuring this takes place and this could include working closely with friends of parks groups. Touch points leading to the outdoor gym, such as gates, seats and handles should also be cleaned.

Any staff cleaning and/or visiting the site should be give specific PPE including masks and gloves and follow government guidelines.

Sanitisation for users

The site owner should aim to provide hand sanitiser and potentially even gloves and masks near the gym in an initial period whilst infection rates are still a concern by Chief Medical Officers.

For us at The Great Outdoor Gym Company, sustainability is a key ambition. We recommend that protective equipment and cleaning products are not harmful to the environment.  We suggest non-toxic cleaning products, corn starch gloves or other compostable gloves and reusable cloth masks, sourced ethically, avoiding plastic and landfill.

Spacing reminders

Outdoor gym stations are spaced at least 1.5M apart at their extremities - this means it should not be necessary to move the equipment.

You might want to put temporary line markers on the ground to show the 2m spacing so users can wait at a safe distance.

For multi or double use stations, signage or stickers could be used to remind users to use the station one at a time, to ensure safe social distancing.

Products in our Covid-19 pop-up shop

Available now...

1. SanitiserSafe+ - non toxic, environmentally friendly, equipment sanitiser that delivers a unique biostatic anti-microbial barrier to kill bacteria and enveloped viruses. 7-day residual efficacy. 5 litres dilutes to 50 litres.

2. Handsafe - a powerful, alcohol-free, anti-microbial hand rub that remains effective for over 4 hours and has been TESTED AGAINST ALL ENVELOPED VIRUSES AS DEFINED IN EN 14476:2013 + A2:2019. 5 litres.

3.TGO foot operated hand sanitiser dispenser - see image below for the TGO hand sanitiser in situ.

Coming very soon...

4. Bio-degradeable gloves - for onsite use.

5. TGO green heart cloth masks - for onsite use.

6. Stay 2M apart stickers - with a QR code linking to Covid19 guidelines.

Please visit the TGO Covid-19 pop-up shop to purchase these products. This will give you everything you need to reopen your gym safely and to give the greatest reassurance to members of the public, including vulnerable and older people in your community.


  21 May 2020

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