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TGO teams up with Bob Geldof and schools across the UK to save the world

TGO teams up with Bob Geldof and schools across the UK to save the world

TGO activate is the activation arm of The Great Outdoor Gym Company Ltd. Our mission is to create a healthy people and planet. To do this we have teamed up with Bob Geldof and Midge Ure to remake their Band Aid song with children from schools across the UK.

Help children demand urgent action on climate change now. Scientists say we have 7 years until the planet warms to an unsafe level (increase of 1.5 degrees). World leaders have been meeting in Glasgow to discuss this, but the talks in Glasgow don’t seem to have gone far enough to secure our future yet. Urgent action is needed by all governments to take action to move away from fossil fuels, unsustainable farming and fishing, deforestation and pollution of our seas. We need to protect the planet now.

Sing with us, It’s Action Time,

a remake of Bob Geldof and Midge Ure’s song.

Please watch and SHARE our song...

Featuring award winning actor Ewan McGregor OBE singing with us. Watch the full video here!

To visit our website that provides fitness classes for our 2000 outdoor gyms and plants trees from proceeds go to:

To get your organisation or school involved contact
For more info on our gyms that generate power go to

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  12 November 2021

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