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Activating Tower Hamlets

Activating Tower Hamlets

The Great Outdoor Gym Company Activate (TGO activate) worked with Tower Hamlets to help residents get active using their existing 16 outdoor gyms.

Movement is an amazing medicine and the public health team are working alongside TGO activate to get the message into PCNs, doctors and housing associations across the borough.

We provided a series of classes on the outdoor gyms for a variety of needs. We also provided free digital classes for everyone to access via our app TGO activate.

We teamed up with a variety of trainers including Michael Traynor, Jahedul and Kesson Physio to offer various opportunites at the outdoor gyms.


Free Movement medicine class

Movement is a powerful medicine to prevent and cure a multitude of health conditions. Led by professional movement experts Kesson Physiotherapy, our movement classes help you become more active in a safe way.  Helps reduce risk across a range of lifestyle diseases, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and some types of cancer, taking you safely through exercises to help activate the power of movement medicine.


Free Circuits with Michael Traynor


Michael Traynor is an experienced gymnast. He is from St Paul’s Shadwell Church and is providing free beginner friendly classes at Shadwell Basin & Wapping Gardens! Get active with Michael in the park.

Find out more info here


Calisthenic meet ups with Jahedul


Jahedul is a Calisthenics Champion. He trained at Shadwell Basin during lockdown and now competes at the highest level. He also has a following over 120K followers on Instgram. Now Janhedul wants to give back to other young people and help them get stronger and feel connected to a positive community.

Free activities on the TGO Activate App

Find our gyms and what’s on them on our app TGO activate

We also uploaded free classes and content to Tower Hamlets gyms listed on our app 'TGO activate'. Check out the TGO Activate App to find out more.

Download the app here to get started today

  10 November 2022

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