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TGO Cardio products

Improve your heart and lung function, circulation and mental wellbeing with regular cardiovascular activity: 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity per week for adults; 60 minutes everyday for children (World Health Organisation and Chief Medical Officer guidelines). For community parks and all-inclusive outdoor gyms, choose a mix of cardio, energy, toning and strength & callisthenics products.

Search our Essentials, Plus and Extra product ranges here or click below for our Cardio, Energy, Toning and Strength & Callisthenics ranges. 

CardioEnergyToningStrength & Callisthenics

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What sets TGO apart

1. TGO gyms are safer
2. TGO gyms are stronger
3. TGO gyms are more sustainable
4. TGO gyms are smarter
5. TGO gyms are more inclusive 
6. TGO gyms are more family friendly
7. TGO gyms are activation friendlier 
8. TGO gyms cater for all fitness abilities
9. TGO gyms come with the most experience
10. TGO gyms are the best value on the market

The top 10 reasons to go TGO