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TGO Toning products

Develop firmer and leaner muscles, build your stamina and boost wellbeing with TGO Toning products: we have outdoor gym equipment for complete beginners to physical activity, to prepare them for the wonderful world of strength-building exercise! There are many exercise variations with our toning kit to challenge and satisfy active people too. For the most community-friendly outdoor gyms, include cardio, energy, toning and strength equipment, so your gym users can boost cardiovascular health, build strength and generate electricity!

  • TGO's toning range exceeds the EN16630 safety standard
  • Our toning kit is stronger, smarter, more sustainable and inclusive than alternatives
  • For spaces targeting older users and people with pre-existing conditions (e.g. hospitals and care homes) combine cardio and toning pieces
  • For smaller spaces, check out our Multi Gyms, which offer full body cardio, toning and strength exercises. 
  • For the most family-friendly spaces, always including Shortened or Mini pieces for younger kids. 

To build the most community-friendly outdoor gym, check out our Essentials, Plus and Extra product ranges. Alternatively, click below for our Cardio, Energy, Toning and Strength & Callisthenics ranges. 

CardioEnergyToningStrength & Callisthenics

Contact TGO to discuss your outdoor gym project.

What sets TGO apart

1. TGO gyms are safer
2. TGO gyms are stronger
3. TGO gyms are more sustainable
4. TGO gyms are smarter
5. TGO gyms are more inclusive 
6. TGO gyms are more family friendly
7. TGO gyms are activation friendlier 
8. TGO gyms cater for all fitness abilities
9. TGO gyms come with the most experience
10. TGO gyms are the best value on the market

The top 10 reasons to go TGO