TGO862_Energy Cross Trainer_3D Render_sm
TGO971_Energy Spinning Bike_3D Render_sm
TGO892_Energy Recumbent Bike_3D Render_s
TGO861_Cross Trainer_3D Render_small_080
TGO970_Spinning Bike_3D Render_small (2)
TGO891_Recumbent Bike_3D Render_small_08
TGO835_Chest Press and Seated Row_3D Ren
TGO701_Full Body Multi-Gym_3D Render_sma
TGO825_Lat Pull Down and Shoulder Press_
TGO702_Toning Multi-Gym_3D Render_small_
TGO951_Leg Press and Bench_3D Render_sma
TGO703_Cardio Multi Gym_3D Render_small_
TGO941_Treadmill and Oblique_3D Render_s
TGO942 Mini Treadmill and Oblique - TGO
TGO841_Plyometric Box Set_3D Render_smal
TGO501_Single Pull Up Bar_3D Render_smal
TGO510_Rig_3D Rendering_080317_02.jpg
TGO800_Dips and Leg Raise_3D Render_smal
UKTGO905_triple step up_3d render_small.
TGO870_Leg Press_3D Render_small_0804 (2
TGO810_Pull Up and Assisted Pull Up_3D R
TGO850_The Bench_3D Render_small_0804.jp
TGO506_Overhead ladder_small_0804.jpg
TGO502_Double Pull Up Bar_3D Render_smal
TGO503_Triple Pull Up Bar_3D Render_smal
TGO504_Parallel Bars.jpg
TGO512 Lower Overhead Ladder.jpg
TGO516 Lower Double Pull Up Bar.jpg
TGO517 Lower Parallel Bars (2).jpg

Our Design principals



​TGO equipment is designed in accordance with the Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) to engage all inactive populations whilst raising awareness of the benefits of exercise and empowering everyone to improve their fitness. Our innovative designs feature lowered access points, and wider seats and transfer handles for users with disabilities, and typically our gyms are installed on flat surfaces to ensure that moving from piece to piece is simple.


Resistance equipment (like our Leg Press and Lat Pull Down) is gauged to the users own body weight so that even those with muscle weakness can participate and progress. The visually impaired are well supported too; all our TGO signage includes large fonts, clear instructions and QR codes linked to downloadable fitness video tutorials. Our new range is as inclusive as it is innovative and every element has been designed so that trainers can engage users with disabilities too. Life is better TGOgether!


You’ll find our new rig has lowered access bars for wheelchair users and our Energy Hand Bike (featured in most TGO packages) is wheelchair accessible. We’ve designed our Double Parallel Bars with leading experts from Para Sport so that everyone can build their strength and progress to higher fitness levels.



Outdoors gyms, by their very nature, are used by the whole family yet many manufacturers shy away from this fact. But not us! We’ve applied the industry safety standards for ‘play equipment used by toddlers’ to all TGO gyms from the outset. Far from simply meeting ‘satisfactory’ industry standards, we embrace unrivalled safety standards, use bright colours and add playful components to our equipment so that everyone can use TGO gyms and live in the best of health. And we don’t stop there!


TGO Mini Equipment (designed specifically for children under 1.4m) enables children to work out alongside adults, mirroring their activities or pursuing fitness in schools, parks, hotels and clubs with their own versions of our Triple Step Up, Treadmill/Oblique, Single Pull Up Bar, Leg Press and Energy Bike pieces. Children love the monkey bars on our TGO rig too. And because all our equipment is designed in accordance with IFI guidelines, both TGO gyms and TGO Mini Equipment pieces are easy to use and completely safe from crush, entrapment and push points.


When whole families take part in and value physical activity, children are more likely to adopt and maintain a healthier lifestyle as they grow, so even our signs are child-friendly. Our clear signage is bright, engaging and easy to follow whilst our exciting Bootcamp and Circuit Gyms offer a good all-round transition into circuits for all. The ‘bootcamp revolution’ is here to stay and the ‘TGO Energy Gym revolution’ is taking the world by storm; now children and adults can have fun and get fit by generating electricity on our Energy Gym pieces – will they charge devices, power places or light up spaces? You decide.



Measuring, engaging and sustaining usage on outdoor gyms can be tricky so our new gym range incorporates smart technology and links to our ‘Activate App’, giving invaluable insights about your TGO gym and users. Via your personal ‘Activate’ dashboard, you can measure user demographics, equipment usage, activity levels, wellbeing indicators and rolling survey data gathered from our App. Total ‘hits’ are recorded by any of our Smart Energy pieces across the range, then all qualitative and quantitative information is triangulated to ensure the positive impact of TGO gyms on communities is clear and evidence based. Most of our gym packages include the Energy Hand Bike as standard and if you already own a TGO gym it’s easy to upgrade to one of our Smart Energy pieces so you too can ‘Activate’ your gym space.


Using insights from ‘Activate’ data, owners and users benefit from whole communities staying active and well. This innovation is also transferable to your work place for example by encouraging employees to take the stairs (scanning our TGO QR codes on your stairwells) adding the ‘activity’ to their log on our ‘Activate’ App.‘Activators’ to run local classes on TGO gyms and to help tackle Diabetes, heart disease and cancer using our App.


TGOgether with TGO, you can rest assured your community is ‘engaged’ with their local TGO gym and know the gym is working hard for you. The ‘Activate’ App signposts your gyms, promotes events like Big Community Workouts, generates revenue for future upgrades and maintenance, and engages with target user groups via push notifications.

Users simply scan QR codes on our gym signage to log, track and share their workouts.



TGO’s community driven design philosophy gives gym trainers everything they need to get communities motivated, engaged, active and healthy. When Marvin Ambosius from Sky Sports, Fit in 5, used our Cardio Circuit Gym at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to run a class, he described it as “the best outdoor gym I have ever seen”.


Our Calisthenics range, approved by World Street Workout and the Callisthenics Federation, attracts young people towards street sports and caters for individuals, trainers, fitness groups and families due to the intelligent layouts and designs for the benefit of between 10 and 22+ users at one time. We’ve also designed our Bootcamp and Circuit Gym packages in circular and intuitive layouts to provide ample space for trainers with energising circuit-friendly stations.


With TGO gyms, trainers have all the equipment needed to create diverse workouts for muscular or aerobic conditioning, balance, agility and coordination, strength and cardio workouts. The possibilities are endless allowing everyone to benefit, regardless of age or ability. Whether training beginners, progressive users or advanced athletes, TGO is held in high regard by professionals and our Cardio Circuit Gyms are regularly used by groups training for Tough Mudder events.

Right across our gyms – from Bootcamp and Family Friendly to Community Gyms - every element has been carefully considered to maximise useable space for trainers with functional floor markings and intuitive floor graphics.

​Useful bolt ons, like the TGO Shuttle Run and Yoga Circle, inspire trainers and users to add multi-dimensional elements to their work out routines. We help inspire the widest range of group activities on the most engaging outdoor gym equipment in the world.




The Great Outdoor Gym company are supporting the NHS Forest by sponsoring one tree per item of gym equipment sold. So far, TGO’s donations have enabled the purchase and planting of 3,285 trees across the NHS Forest, including the establishment of several larger blocks of new woodland.


​Our Energy Gyms and Energy pieces feature TGO’s exclusive Cardio Charge technology as standard, meaning users can charge their mobile devices as they workout. It’s a world first for outdoor gyms and a great incentive towards achieving the recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week.

Our entire Energy Gym range (Energy Hand Bike, Energy Cross Trainer, Energy Recumbent Bike and Energy Spinning Bike) also enables users to quite literally ‘light up’ their community space, powering ED screens, floodlights or coloured LED circuits within the gym floor. Integral to the ‘Intergenerational Smart Energy Gym’ is our exclusive EDU (Energy Display Unit) which measures the number of watts generated by the gym and stores this human energy to power nearby buildings and spaces or feed the national grid.

Depending on usage, Energy Gyms can generate 1KWH of energy per gym every day – that’s enough to power a 45 watt floodlight for 22 hours! Our Energy Hand Bike is featured in over 95% of our new TGO packages and we’re excited that our new Cardio Charge, Glow and Flow systems add new dimensions to exercise and, along with our App, empower users to sustain their environment and address climate change. 

Did you know that also we plant one tree for every TGO piece installed in the UK, in association with the NHS Forest Scheme? The NHS Forest includes 100+ such projects which improve the health of staff, patients and communities and increase access to green space.
We love our green nation and that’s why TGO gyms are also Made in Britain. We pride ourselves on using high quality materials, improving the lifespan of our products, reducing our carbon footprint and building in recyclability. In fact 85% of the material used to produce TGO gym equipment comes from a recycled product.


People Power is an effective force for change, so now you can care for people and the planet with TGO Energy Gyms and Energy pieces. The number of TGO Energy Gym installations is growing globally, and we were commissioned by the United Nations to install Energy Gyms in Paris and Marrakesh as part of the Global Climate Change Conferences COP21 and COP22. We’re also proud that our Energy Gym range made the finals in Kevin McClouds Green Heroes as “one of the best eco-innovations on the market”.